1. Adipose

    SOLD/EXPIRED JGS Finish Reamer 30 Nosler

    Just received this reamer and Go Gauge I ordered from JGS Precision. I ended up going a different direction on the build I had this reamer planned for. The freebore is .1980 which was based off a 215gr Berger seated at the Neck/Shoulder junction. $395 Shipped/OBO for both Reamer and Go...
  2. TriggerTime426

    Remington 700 bolt raceway reamer

    Is there any where I can rent a .705 dia bolt way reamer, rather than paying 200 plus to just use it once?
  3. D

    SOLD/EXPIRED Manson 6.5 PRC Reamer used to cut only one chamber.

    Price dropped. 6.5 PRC Reamer Dave Manson. Used to cut only one chamber. Floating pilot head. SAAMI spec. .088 Freebore. $145 shipped to the lower 48 only. Paypal Friends & family or add 3%. USPS Money order Accepted.
  4. S

    375 Cheytac PTG Chamber finish chamber reamer and gauge

    Pacific Tool & Gauge 375 Cheytac finish chamber reamer and chamber gauge. Used once, immaculate condition. No burrs or chips. $197 for reamer and $67 for gauge, new. Sell for $200 shipped. PayPal ff or split seller cost or US money order.
  5. E

    300 RUM reamer

    hello, I am building a 300 RUM and plan to shoot the Berger 230’s. I would like to seat them out as far as possible. Does anyone have a extra reamer laying around that they would be willing to rent/sell? Thanks!
  6. M

    WTB 300WM Mantha Reamer

    Im looking to buy or rent a good condition preferably JGS 300WM Rhian Mantha spec reamer.
  7. StanB

    K&M Neck Turning Tool w/ 7mm Pilot

    Like new, K&M Micro-Adjustable Neck Turner, with 7mm steel pilot, carbide cutter, and pilot jack option. $100 shipped TYD.
  8. hseII

    Fluting a barrel after it had been threaded

    Hello, I purchased a new Bartlein 30 cal 1:10 sendero barrel based on the input from a local smith that the barrel could be fluted after the rifle was assembled & 0 degrees established. I’m sure someone has done this previously. I am more accustomed to barrels being relieved by the barrel...
  9. O

    338 Snipetac Reamer with go gauge

    Looking to buy, rent, borrow, or trade