1. J

    For Sale Rcbs dies 338 win mag,338 lapua,17 rem

    Rcbs 17 Remington neck sizer die price=$30shipped Rcbs 338 win mag fl die set price =$40 shipped Rcbs 338 lapua neck sizer die price =$35 shipped All reloading dies are used but in good condition the 17 Remington neck sizer die is missing the paper work in the box.
  2. Alex Genereux

    SOLD/EXPIRED NIB Rcbs Universal Hand Priming Tool

    Selling a NIB rcbs universal hand priming tool. $65 TYD PayPal FF or I ask that you pay the fee.
  3. Alex Genereux

    SOLD/EXPIRED NIB RCBS Auto Priming Tool

    Selling NIB RCBS Auto Priming Tool $90 TYD Paypal FF or I ask that you pay fee. Thanks!
  4. F

    SOLD/EXPIRED 270 WSM RCBS x die set

    Have an excellent condition 270 wsm RCBS x die full length die set They’ve been used but in nice condition. Sold
  5. J

    Chargemaster Link, Magnetospeed, Forster Die

    Selling off a few extra items on my reloading bench. All prices include shipping. Would consider trades for: -Berger 215 hybrids and/or 230 A-Tips -Berger 153.5 6.5 hybrids -Berger 109 6mm hybrids -Hornady 6.5 147 ELDMs -First Up, RCBS Chargemaster Link powder dispenser. In great condition...
  6. Skullcandy33

    6.5 Creed / .308 win reloading die set

    Selling a brand new 6.5 creedmoor die set $50 shipped Hardly used Rcbs 15501 .308 die set $40 shipped Can do PayPal or postal money order
  7. Vamike9

    SOLD/EXPIRED RCBS Chargemaster 1500

    RCBS Chargemaster 1500 in excellent condition that's been lightly used. Works great and has original calibration weights and pan. I'll take $285 Shipped
  8. B

    Various reloading dies

    See below for pricing and details. Listing is cross-posted. All dies are used unless otherwise stated. They are all in great usable shape, but may need cleaned. All Lee, Lyman, and Pacific dies are $20. All standard RCBS, Redding, and Hornady dies are $25 unless otherwise noted as some are brand...
  9. R

    RCBS Chargemaster Combo Scale/Dispenser

    Selling RCBS Chargemaster Combo Scale/Dispenser. In full functional condition. No issues and works perfectly with TAC, H335, PP2000MR and even with Varget and IMR4064. Good 0.1 grs accuracy! Selling as switched to RCBS MatchMaster. There is a small dent on the display but only visible if...
  10. R

    SOLD/EXPIRED RCBS Universal Hand Priming Tool

    Used but in excellent functional condition RCBS hand priming tool. Comes with all original accessories. Selling as switched to RCBS Auto-priming tool $50 shipped
  11. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED RCBS Powder Thrower

    For sale is an older RCBS powder thrower with both the small and large cavity drums for all ranges of charge throwing. Also comes with the RCBS stand. Used for years, and finally went a different route. $40 shipped.
  12. Driftless Drake

    Or Trade… RCBS Shell plates, Die plates, Dies, and .257AI Brass

    FOR SALE MAKE AN OFFER I have three RCBS 5-station shell plates. Shell plate #11 model 88811 .220 Swift .225 Win .257 Roberts .257 Imp. 40degree 7mmx57 Mauser Shell plate #12 model 88812 .22 Hornet .22 K-Hornet Shell plate #14 model 88814 .33 Win .378 Wby Mag .45-70 U.S. Gov’t .460 Wby Mag...
  13. C

    243 Hornady FL dies

    Hornady 243 die set: FL sizing die, and their seating die. $30 shipped Please PM if interested.
  14. Briant_az

    SOLD/EXPIRED RCBS Chargemaster Scale

    I bought this scale when they sold the scales and dispensers separately. I had intentions of buying the dispenser at a later date and never did. I used this scale to weigh all my charges for the last couple of years. I finally upgraded to the charge master lite. Scale works as it should and has...
  15. 3

    SOLD/EXPIRED Chargemaster Lite RCBS

    Like néw chargemaster lite with box, power cable, tray, check weights. $200 including shipping. PayPal/Venmo
  16. Mac bailey

    RCBS 5-0-5 Scale

    RCBS 5-0-5 Scale like new in box.... $75 to your door US Message if you have questions and for contact info. Thanks, Mac
  17. ddman

    SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5 Creed dump, ammo, brass, dies

    Title says it all. I won’t have the gun next week so I won’t need these 64 Winchester 129 power points 20 Hornady superformance 129 sst 52 Hornady 143 eldx 20 Hornady Black 140 BTHP 20 Hornady American Gunner 140 BTHP I WILL NOT SPLIT AMMO AT THIS TIME 34 Winchester 1x fired brass 70 Hornady...
  18. fnlights

    RCBS, Hornady, Redding, or Forster Dies

    What dies does everyone out there like? I own RCBS and Hornady, but not the other higher end ones. Anyone that has experience with both, any personal preferences? Are they worth the extra $? Looking for my long range hunting 300 win mag!
  19. sierracharlie338

    SOLD/EXPIRED RCBS #38 or 5 shell holder

    I am dire need of a #38 or #5 shell holder so I can start loading for my 30 Nosler. Went to size some brass yesterday and realized that I don't have the right size shell holder. Any help is greatly appreciated. Obviously I am willing to pay for part and shipping. Thank you, SC
  20. 2Rsquared

    Reloading Equipment Lot - Higher end, new or like new

    I have the following items for sale.... Giraud Power Case Trimmer, 2 case holders (.223 & .308), 2 cutting heads, 2 locking rings......$575 SOLD Forster Co-Ax Press.....$528 SOLD Forster Original Case Trimmer, power adapter, 4 pilots....$170 RCBS Chargemaster Combo.....$405 RCBS Rotary...