proof research

  1. sheffe

    Proof Research carbon barrel .270

    Brand new blank ready for your new bolt action build. Proof Research carbon fiber barrel blank .277cal- 1:10 sendero contour 26". $585 shipped. Thanks for looking!
  2. C

    Custom tikka 300 prc

    Proof research carbon fiber barrel 24” 1/10 chambered by Owens armory 4 port muzzle brake Tikka action mountain tactical base Iota kremlin stock Mountain tactical aics bottom metal Have t got around to shoot going a different route with build Please call or text 5753137953 Will overnight...
  3. D

    Can anyone mimic Proof Research stock paint?

    Looking for someone who can mimic the FDE camo (snakelike) on proof’s rifles. Is there anyone out there who could do it for me? thx
  4. D

    6.5 Creedmoor Carbon Rifle

    Custom carbon fiber rifle built by Husk Co. And Nosler R&D Machinist Todd Porhola. Guaranteed to shoot 1/2" at 100 yds with factory ammo; proper handloads give even better results. 6.5 creedmoor Super accurate rifle built off of a blueprinted Remington 700 action, a 21” Proof Research carbon...
  5. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Custom Rem700 Barreled Actions

    Remington 700 Barreled Actions. Base models have been blueprinted. We are using Proof Stainless and Carbon fiber Blanks. To many Chamber options to list, lots of upgrades Available. Most orders ship in 4 weeks If your not seeing the chamber or barrel you want, please call in your order. Long...
  6. Goldy300

    Proof Research Barrel

    SOLD It is a Proof Research Carbon Fiber (CF) barrel. Sendero Contour. 6.5 Cal 1:8 twist. Will finish at 26”. I was going to use on a custom build and I am going a different route. $675 shipped. Save some money it is brand new!
  7. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Curtis Helix Action with Proof barrel of your choice, ships in 3-5 days

    we have a extra Curtis Custom Helix Long Magnum Action up for grabs. Action-1250.00 Add a Proof Research Carbon Barrel for And get a additional 10% the barrel by using promo code “SEPT10” Call 307-707-3181 eXT 1 to order. See or order your barrel at...
  8. HeathGT

    R700 6.5 PRC, Proof Carbon Barrel and extras

  9. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Save $55 on Prefit Proof Research Carbon fiber or Stainless steel barrels

    check our page for a complete list of actions we offer Prefit/Chambered barrels for! NO barrel NUTS! These are shouldered Barrels build to fit your action. We have lots of Carbon Fiber and stainless steel blanks in stock and ready to cut...
  10. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Packlite Rifle Sale Pricing ends This month

    if your on the fence, our Packlite Rifle sale pricing will be increasing September 1st. While we don’t want to sound like dam used car salesman, we also don’t want the guy who has been saving to miss out because we didn’t say anything. You can check out the rifles here...
  11. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Rem700/Proof/Carbon fiber, in stock ready for chambers! 3 week lead

    we recently ended up with parts that are not spoken for, this means your rifle can ship in 21days. Here are the specs. These can also be sold as builders kits. Call for pricing Rem700 Stainless Long magnum Action blueprinted/VG2 28oz Carbon fiber stock/Shot caller brake/ Calvin Elite Trigger M5...
  12. HeathGT

    Custom Rem. 700 6.5x284, Proof, Manners, Trigger Tech

    I am selling my 6.5x284. It is on a trued 700 long action with a 1:8 Proof 26'' Sendero lite barrel and Manners EH-1 stock with Remington detachable magazine, side bolt release, and trigger tech trigger. Total weight is 7lbs 8oz. The action is cereThere is absolutely nothing wrong with this...
  13. Nick@Straight-Jacket


    Switching barrels around has never been easier with a Prefit Barrel from Straight Jacket Armory, Four Screws out, switch barrel, and four screws back in, and you are done! Prefit Barrels 50$ off with coupon Code “Barrel50” at check out! Call in your order and mention this ad! 307-707-3181...
  14. Hiwayman92

    Custom 7mm WSM Proof/Manners EH-1, Turnkey setup

    I really hate to sell, but baby number two is due in October, and I’ve got guns bigger and smaller. With that said, I could possibly be open to trades. Here are the details: -Remington 700 Long Action-Trued by RW Snyder (first barrel was replaced for consistency issues, but was found to not be...
  15. Satterlee Scott

    Long Range Training

    Hey Guys, Come on out and train with us.
  16. Satterlee Scott

    First aoudad

    Shout out to Joe Faulkner and Zack from Pursuit Driven Guiding for a super successful West TX Aoudad hunt. We spent most of the last three days on glass. We spotted a bunch of big Rams every day. The weather started moving in and the sheep started acting goofy. We had plans of taking a monster...
  17. BigBuck74

    Gunwerks custom proof barrel 6.5 prc

    For sale is custom rifle, chambered for 6.5 PRC out of Council Mountain Gun works. Here is the build. - Gunwerks action and picatinney bases - McMillan Game Scout stock molded in camo to match the cerakote - Proof Research Sendero barrel - Calvin Elite trigger - BDL bottom metal - Hawkins...
  18. G

    338 allem mag w/proof research barrel

    I am selling a NEW 338 Allen Magnum. Built in January 2017. 32” Proof (one off) Carbon Barrel. 408 Tac action. Jewel Trigger. Mac 5 stock. Dies and 100 brass. Gun is unfired by me. Kirby shot it only. $8400 with rolling case. Might consider some trades with cash perhaps. This 338 is a long...
  19. C

    Christensen 280ai or build with proof research barrel?

    im struggling with a decision to just buy a Christensen Arms ridgeline in 280ai or build my own using a proof research barrel? Really consistency is the only deciding factor. Would like to hear from some of those that have experience with one or the other. This is a hunting rifle. No need for...
  20. D

    Proof Research SS 6.5mm 1:8 (.264) Heavy Palma Barrel

    I’m selling a brand new Proof Research Stainless Barrel .264 / 6.5 mm 1:8 heavy Palma 26” final length bought this to spin pin on my match rifle but decided to go to 6mm. $300