proof carbon

  1. D

    SOLD/EXPIRED Proof Carbon Prefit - 300PRC for Impact Precision

    Hey folks, Selling a new, unused Proof Research Carbon pre-fit barrel in 300 PRC. Bought this and then decided to go with a gunsmith chambered 28 Nosler. Barrel has never been on an action. It is new in the box. 24" barrel threaded 5/8x24. 1:9" twist. Chambered for PRC by proof. Asking $700...
  2. W

    Proof research 20” 308 barrel for Bighorn Origin, 5/8x24 muzzle

    20” proof research carbon .308 win barrel For: Big horn origin 5/8x24 muzzle $700 200 ish round count
  3. K

    TL3/SR3 Prefit - Proof Carbon 6.5PRC

    Hello, I have a used 6.5PRC Proof Carbon Fiber barrel, 24" long, 1:7.5 twist. Sendaro-lite contour I think. This is a prefit for a Bighorn/Zermatt TL3 or SR3. I bought this used from someone who used it for about 400rds as a 6.5x47L, then sent it to PVA and had it rechambered as 6.5PRC. It...
  4. sheffe

    Proof .277 carbon blank

    Brand new blank ready for your new bolt action build. Proof Research carbon fiber barrel blank .277cal- 1:10 sendero light contour 26". $560 shipped. Thanks for looking! Open to trades: Benelli auto 12 ga., Proof blanks in 6mm, 7mm or 30 cal., Leupold Mk5HD or VX5HD or...?