prefit barrels

  1. John-Pure Precision

    Proof Research Tikka Prefit's CHEAP!!! 7PRC, 6.5PRC, 6.5 CREEDMOOR

    750.00 SHIPPED All pre-fit barrels are new in box and will ship same day as payment is made. We take Credit Cards, Certified Check, ACH for payment. No trades. If you have any questions call 970-424-0979 X4 - 6.5 CREEDMOOR, 22" 1:8 TWIST, 5/8-24 TPI THREADS X6 - 6.5 PRC, 22", 1:7.5 TWIST...
  2. CanisLupus

    SOLD/EXPIRED Proof cf 300 PRC Defiance Prefit - 24” - 1:9 tw

    $800 shipped... Proof carbon fiber prefit barrel ... Sendero contour ... 24” length ... 1:9 twist ... fits Ruckus, Anti (X), and Tenacity actions ... this barrel had 10 (ten) rounds through it before being cleaned and stored. Reason for selling is I changed directions on a new rifle build...
  3. Justice1327

    Best smith that makes prefits…any cut barrels are fine…just not Proof

    Looking for a smith that makes prefit barrels for Bighorn Origin actions. Almost any cut barrel is fine, except Proof. I want to buy a prefit and install it myself to avoid sending in my action. Who am I missing too?
  4. S


    Oh Contraire I say!!! We are living in 2020 here not 2000 and with modern CNC machines and techniques pre-fit barrels are better than ever before. At Straight Jacket Armory we know this to be true! Saying "pre-fits suck"...
  5. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Pre Fit barrel Sale! Carbon6, Proof research, Benchmark

    Use Promo code SPRING2020 and get 50$ off and free shipping! click link below to see all the options! Ends Sunday 3/15
  6. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Big horn/Zermatt rimfire barrels

    We have a special shot show price that can be used with you LRH50 (members only promo code) 17HMR/.22LR/17mach2/22Mag
  7. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Benchmark Prefit barrels intro pricing

    we are pleased to announce that we are now using Benchmark barrel blanks for our stainless pre fit barrels. We offer a Long list of chambers, and actions that we offer. Please click the link below! Use PROMO CODE “LRH5” at checkout to save 5% and get free shipping...
  8. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Terminus Apollo Barreled Actions

    Next sweet deal is By Terminus Actions. 2 only at this price (1699.00) The Impacts only last 45min! So don’t wait! When they are gone that’s it! Delivers in 3-4 weeks I did not put a Carbon Fiber option in the website. If someone wants one of these in Carbon fiber, you can call the Order...