1. Morndorff95

    Colorado Spings Area Powder

    Just looking to see if anyone has some extra IMR 4064, IMR/H 4895, or varget they wouldn't mind selling. Located in Colorado Springs, CO.
  2. Glen McHenry

    Trade New 8lb jug of Varget for RL16

    Brand new unopened 8 pound jug of Varget. Looking to trade for RL 16. Located Honeyville Utah. A buddy of mine picked it up for me I just haven’t made it out there to get it. Sold the gun I had originally had him get it for. Text or call 530-340-2244. Glen. I’ll set it up with my Buddy for...
  3. Alex Genereux

    SOLD/EXPIRED A&D FX-120I Scale

    Selling a new never used A&D FX-120I still in factory packaging. $500 tyd you cover paypal fees. Let me know if you have any other questions. I can send other pictures but trying to avoid removing it completely from package. An excellent addition to an auto trickler setup or just very precise...
  4. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED WTT Powder In East Texas

    I have the following powders for trade only. Located in the Tyler area but routinely travel around east Texas and up towards Dallas. 3 - 1lb IMR 7977 Enduron 2 - 1lb H4831SC 2 - 1lb Accurate 5744 Looking for H4350, H1000, or maybe some CFE BLK. May also consider trade for some 30cal Berger...
  5. Hawkeye Pierce

    Rad-78L powder for tracers

    So my buddy is wanting to sell 56lbs of the Rad-78L he says it's close to IMR 7383. I've never heard of it before. Do any of you guys know anything about it Also if anyone is interested I'll have him get on here or I'll ask if he wants me to give his contact info. He is in Illinois, central ish.
  6. G

    Colorado area reloading trade/swap Version 2

    The previous post went to Sold/Expired so it appears it cannot be used. A friend of a friend cleaning out his dad's house, turned up some powders that may be of interest to someone? I can get a more detailed picture if needed. Sadly, there's 3-4 coffee cans of unmarked powder, or should I say...
  7. A

    WWT for Berger 6.5 156 grain

    Would prefer face to face, Newberg Oregon. If shipping ammo, I need comp of DR for proof of age. Looking for Bergers in the 156 grain for 6.5 Trading options, only trading. H1000, Retumbo,Normal MRP, 8 lbs N568, RL 22, RL 15. CCI LRP, 210 BRAND NEW Box of 50 new ADG 6.5 PRC BRASS 142 grain...
  8. fnlights

    SOLD/EXPIRED Hodgdon Powders

    Go fast, a bunch on their website
  9. Chadp82

    Colorado (and Nearby) Reloading Swap (and Ammo)

    If anyone is like me, you probably have some abandoned reloading projects or unused components that you don't see yourself using in the near future. Based on the climate of the market, and the outrageous pricing when we can find components, we can all benefit to swap with each other at fair...
  10. T

    Gun powder for sale

    Gun powder for sale, many different types and different amounts. Email Micah at [email protected]
  11. BlazerBeam

    Reloder 26 for sale

    Have 10.5 pounds reloder 26 for sale for local pickup: Billings, Montana. Two lot numbers. 5 pounds of one lot 5.5 pounds of another lot. $40 per pound
  12. BlazerBeam

    Trade RL-26 for H1000

    Hey I have 7 pounds of unopened reloder 26 of the same lot that I would trade for 7 unopened pounds of H1000. Or for an 8 pound jug and I would include some $. I live in Billings Montana, so it would have to be able to be somewhat close to that. Let me know! Thanks
  13. BlazerBeam


    Looking to buy at least 4 pounds of retumbo, but I’ll take whatever you’re willing to sell. I have a perfect load for a 28 Nosler that I don’t really want to abandon once the little retumbo I have left is gone. I live in south central Montana. Let me know if you have any to spare. Thanks guys!
  14. Braunschweiger

    TWO 1-Pound Containers - Retumbo

    I haven't started reloading my 338 Lapua yet, but originally opted for Retumbo... being as Retumbo is really no where in sight, I'm not going to do load development on it and then have to try and find it or another powder to replace it.. so I'm just going to sell what I have and switch to IMR...
  15. HeathGT

    What powder for 6.5 PRC with 20'' barrel?

    Just purchased a 6.5 PRC with a 20'' proof 1-7 barrel. It was previously owned and had been shot using h4350, everything I've read is recommending a slower powder. My question is should I stick with the faster powder to achieve the best velocities out of the short barrel? Hopefully someone has...
  16. Daegon

    338 Rum and 285 ELDMs

    I picked up a box of 285 ELDMs for my 338 Rum with a lil beast brake on a stock 26” sporter barrel and action. Hornady is less than zero help and need some load data or at least a good start point. I have H-1000 and retumbo and would prefer to stick with those for temp stability but I’m open...
  17. K

    In need of new load data asap.

    Hello all, I shoot a Berger 175 Elite Hunter 7mm bullet and have been loading it with RL26 in ADG brass. But I have just found out that RL26 is not available at this time and no one can tell me when it will be available. plus I have a 10 day trip planned for next week and need some ammo to...
  18. smokin502

    45 raptor powder info

    I just finished a 45 raptor build and need to find the best powder to use. It's too expensive to buy a bunch and try them out. I just need a good starting point. Thx in advance
  19. 65WSM

    SOLD/EXPIRED Dandy Auto Trickler

    Dandy Auto Trickler. I purchased the original, without the scale stop, and it worked so well I purchased this upgrade. I have used the Dandy Auto Trickler with the Redding and RCBS 10-10 scales with success. It has been used with cartridges less than 20gr, (.17 Fireball) to over 100gr (light...
  20. B

    Berger ammunition powder?

    Does anyone know what powder berger is using in there ammo, specifically in the 300 norma mag pushing the 215 and 230 grain bullets.