For Sale Powder and 30 cal. Accubonds in NW Washington

    Unopened Powder 1 lb. cans - Can not ship Located in Northwest Washington 3 - Ramshot LRT $35.00 each 3 - Winchester Staball HD $45.00 each 1 - Vihtavuori 550 $50.00 Nosler Accubonds 30 cal. 180 gr and 200 gr $55.00 each - shipped
  2. N

    For Sale BNIB Hornady Auto Charge Pro

    Brand new in box Hornady Auto Charge Pro Thought I might use two but only have room for one. $310 shipped Venmo or PayPal F&F Will trade for Hawkins 35mm 1 piece heavy tactical mount
  3. Bjt308

    Rcbs and Redding reloading supplies

    Helping my dad sell his reloading stuff. Everything is in good shape Rcbs Rock chucker press $150 shipped Hand priming tool - $40 shipped Trimmer and bullet puller hammer - $100 Charge master 1500- $250 shipped Redding Balance beam scale $80 shipped Powder measure $135 shipped Trickler...
  4. trout004

    Reloder 23, 5 lbs, same lot

    For Sale: Five 1 lb. Bottles of Reloder 23. Unopened and stored in cool dry heated garage. Bought Oct of 2022. No shipping. Located near Helena, MT. $65/each or $310 for the whole lot of 5. Thanks!
  5. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED AutoTrickler

    Selling my v2 with some area 419 upgrades and the v3 trickler and chip. $175.00 obo
  6. J

    AutoTrickler v2/v3 upgrades

    I have a v2 AutoTrickler with v3 tricker and Bluetooth. It also has the Area419 lid for the top of the fox scale and the aluminum powder dropper body. $400 shipped ground lower 48 THE SCALE IS NOT FOR SALE.

    SOLD/EXPIRED StaBall HD powder 4 -1 lb. cans unopened in NW Washington

    Winchester® StaBALL™ HD is a temperature-insensitive, double-base, BALL® Powder, stable in extreme-hot or -cold conditions. This slow-burning magnum powder provides optimal loading density in large capacity magnum cartridges appropriate for the burn speed, which is ideal for 6.5 PRC, 7MM...
  8. A

    Powders and misc equipment

    Doing a little clean up. Have a few miscellaneous items and powders I no longer need. All Powders are around 2 years or less old. All kept in a safe with a dehumidifier. Win Staball 6.5 8lb jug with about 6lbs. Left -200 1lb 4451- 30 2x 1lb accurate 2200- 34 ea 1lb accurate 2460 - 34 1lb...
  9. B

    Lyman gen 6 electronic powder dispenser and scale

    For sale is a nice used Lyman gen 6 electronic powder dispenser and scale. Packaged as it came new. The bench got Sartorius scale upgrades so this is up for grabs. They sell new for about $260 or more before tax and shipping. I will let this one go for $200 shipped. First I will take followed by...
  10. 300 Grace

    NEW - Redding 3BR Powder Measure & Stand

    NEW, never used - Redding 3BR Powder Measure & Stand The Match-Grade Model 3BR was created to be the ultimate powder measure..."out of the box" match ready! Universal Metering Chamber has a charge range of 5 to 100 grains. BR Powder Measure - $200 + Bench Stand - $40 I can ship USPS or UPS...
  11. VICOMB

    Wanted - Hodgdon Retumbo

    Wanted - Retumbo at least 2 pounds. I live in NW Washington or if you would ship. Thanks!
  12. VICOMB

    StaBall HD Powder Oak Harbor, WA NO Shipping

    2 lbs of Winchester Staball HD Powder - Sealed Purchased 2 months ago from Hodgdon site $150.00 firm
  13. J

    IMR 8133 8lbs

    Selling some extra powder I no longer need. An unopened 8lb jug of IMR 8133, along with a 1lb jug that's about half full. I don't currently use this in any of my loads and I know it's very hard to come by now, so hoping someone can put it to good use. Only trade interest would be RL26...
  14. J

    Scheels Colorado Springs powders

    Scheels in the Springs has a fair amount of available powders, bullets, and brass. Here are some of the powders in stock, to include Varget!
  15. CanisLupus

    SOLD/EXPIRED N568 - 8# ... in N. KY / S.W. OH

    SOLD ... $375 ... N568 - 8# ... located in northern KY but travel frequently to Dayton, OH area ... face-to-face only ... no shipping.
  16. T

    SOLD/EXPIRED Powder for sale/trade central PA

    I have some powder to dump off or trade. Clays I have 3-1# cans ($20ea,$50all) H4350 I have 2-8# and a handful of 1# ($300-8#, $45-1#) Varget I have 6-1# cans ($45ea) I’m looking for: Fed GM210M primers H1000 Located near State College PA.
  17. J

    Powder for sale in VA (RL17, 16, and MagPro)

    Letting go of some extra powders that I no longer need, would rather someone use it than have it sit on my bench. -unopened 5lb jug of RL17 qty 1 $275 -unopened 1lb jug of RL17 qty 1 $60 ($320 for all 6lbs of the RL17) -unopened 1lb jug of RL16 qty 3$65ea ($180 for all 3 jugs) -unopened 8lb jug...
  18. BigRed22


    Does anyone have good and/or bad experience with driftersgear.com?
  19. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED New/Unopened Staball 6.5 8lb Jug

    Selling a new/unopened 8lb jug of Staball 6.5. I sold my Creedmoor and just don’t have a need for the powder. Asking $300 obo. Face to face purchase only, can’t ship. I’m located in VA and am willing to travel, a reasonable distance, to meet.
  20. Codum

    IMR 4064 for trade

    I have 4 1lb jugs of IMR 4064 I’m looking to trade for RL 26, Retumbo or Vihtavuori N570. I am in Augusta Ga.