1. Runnin N Gunnin

    SOLD/EXPIRED Hawkins Precision 30mm long range hybrid rings for Stiller/lone peak/pierce SA actions wts/wtt

    I got these when I bought a rifle and won’t be using them. Hawkins Precision long range hybrid short action 30mm highs (25 MOA) for Stiller, Lone Peak or Pierce actions. $125 obo Trades plus or minus cash Spartan precision equipment javelin pro hunt bipod, davros pro had gen 2, FHF aspis...
  2. Buska

    SOLD/EXPIRED Pierce Ti Long action mag w/Talley 30mm rings

    It’s a beauty just got way too much going on right now to use it for a build and have to let it go 🥲 I got a good deal on it so I’m just trying to het out of it what I paid. Call or text if you have questions, thanks in advance! Shipping included. $1300. Pierce lightened recoil lug included...
  3. Jud96

    NEW ACTION- Pierce Engineering Skele-Ti

    I have some exciting news for you guys! We have developed a new lightweight hunting action at Pierce Engineering. This action is a skeletonized version of our successful Titanium action and it incorporates a lightened steel bolt. We were able to match the weight of our Ti Featherweight action by...
  4. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED 300 hulk Norma Improved

    300 hulk with 500 rounds down the barrel. Shoots the 190 vld over 3300 FPS. Extremely accurate with 1/3 moa accuracy. 70 Norma brass. 28” barrel fluted. Jewel trigger. Pierce action single shot with rail. Nightforce rings. 30 power huskemaw scope. McMillan ultralight stock. 11 pound gun...