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Jun 30, 2013
I have some exciting news for you guys! We have developed a new lightweight hunting action at Pierce Engineering. This action is a skeletonized version of our successful Titanium action and it incorporates a lightened steel bolt. We were able to match the weight of our Ti Featherweight action by using a steel bolt opposed to a Ti bolt. We are still working on our short action version but the long actions are ready to be ordered! The Skele-Ti long action weighs a mere 17.5oz complete with dual pinned recoil lug. This is one of the lightest if not the lightest Remington footprint long action available today! The price is $1450 and $50 more for full DLC action body.

All Skele-Ti actions will have DLC coated bolts and DLC coating can be added to the action body as well for $50 extra. The lightened bolt features extra deep flutes but still remains unfluted on the bottom to retain smooth cycling and no scratching up your brass. Our bolt handle is skeletonized as well and made of hardened steel to prevent bending. This action retains the same size bolt, action body, bolt lugs, threads, etc. as our standard long actions and material wasn’t removed in those critical areas. Another exciting thing is these actions along with all of our other standard actions will be made with integral recoil lugs in the near future! The price on the integral Skele-Ti actions will be $1550. I’ll post some photos below. I hope you guys like it! Thank you.
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How far out do you think the short actions are going to be? Wondering for a possible ultra-light 243 hunting build in mid 2022.
I can’t guarantee this, but I don’t think more than a month or so. I recommend calling the shop and talking to our shop manager, Jim. He will give you the correct timeline and answer all of your questions. Thank you! I will say I’m sure they’ll be available by mid 2022.
Wow! That is incredibly light. Just bought a Anti X and thought it was reasonably light until seeing this.
Yes they’re very light. The AnTi X has an integral rail, so add about 2.5oz to this action to account for the rail.
Do these have a traditional spring type ejector or a mechanical ejector?
Traditional spring type ejector. Thank you

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