1. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Benchmark Prefit barrels intro pricing

    we are pleased to announce that we are now using Benchmark barrel blanks for our stainless pre fit barrels. We offer a Long list of chambers, and actions that we offer. Please click the link below! Use PROMO CODE “LRH5” at checkout to save 5% and get free shipping...
  2. D

    Bighorn Origin - Wyatt’s extended mag box

    Has anyone done this yet? I know they don’t offer the option on the origin like they do on the SR3, but is there any mechanical reason to not do this? Needing the length for a 6.5prc on a short action.
  3. D

    Bighorn Origin Build

    I'm in the process of gathering parts for an Origin build. I would like this to be done with the barrel nut so I can work on it myself (I've done Savage barrel swaps). I currently have a McMillan Gamestalker that has the Remington Sendero inlet. My question is, will I be able to easily sand...
  4. F

    Bighorn Origin, 6 Dasher

    For Sale: Action with barrel installed and an accompanying new match barrel (i.e., two barrels), $1250 (I will ship for free in CONUS to your FFL). Used for Precision Rifle matches for one season. Package includes: Bighorn Origin Action Std Bolt Face 20 MOA Rail Currently installed 6...
  5. K


    I just picked up a short action Bighorn Origin and decided to go a different route. The action is used, but in good shape. It currently has a magnum bolt face, but I have other bolt faces available as well. $775 - shipped CONUS to your FFL (must receive from an individual) with one (1) bolt...