nosler accubond long range

  1. Cagfd101

    6.5 PRC testing with limited components

    I am awaiting arrival of my Bergara B14 HMR in 6.5 PRC and I am trying to gather some components. Initially, I wanted to experiment with H1000 or RL26 and Berger EOL and Nosler ABLR hardware, but all that stuff is unobtanium right now. What I do have is some 130 and 140 class projectiles...
  2. 270winmuley

    SOLD/EXPIRED .277 6.8 Nosler Accubond LR and Hornady ELDX

    165 grain accubond long range and 145 ELDX. $80 for both or $40 for the ELDX and 50$ for the ABLR
  3. Z

    Nosler 210 ablr

    Looking for 3 or 4 boxes of nosler 210 gr ablr (.308) if anyone has them to sell or a link to a shop! I’d be thankful! 812-582-0285
  4. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5 mm 129 gr Accubond LR

    I have for sale 3 boxes (100 ct) of the 6.5 cal 129 gr Nosler Accubond LRs. 129 gr Accubond LRs $44/box + shipping or $130 for the whole lot shipped. *The Accubonds in the photo are already sold.
  5. Porcupine

    270 WSM Load Help

    Hey guys, pretty new to reloading and having trouble coming up with a good load for my Kimber 8400 270 WSM. So far I have been using 145g ELD-X with RL-22 & 17. My gun would shoot factory AB well so I’m thinking of ordering a box of 150g LRAB. Thoughts or help is greatly appreciated
  6. BoatTail

    7mm WSM, 162 gr bullet, RL26, 3170 fps?

    I have been considering a number of short action WSM cartridges to build a rifle around for sheep hunting and just a lighter carry. I recently found Alliant is showing that the 7mm WSM with 162 grain bullets and reloader 26 is able to obtain 3171 feet per second out of a 24-inch Barrel. This is...