norma brass

  1. J

    300WM components (dies, bullets, brass)

    Selling some of my extra loading supplies, these are all for 300WM. Price includes shipping. Included is: -2 unopened boxes of Berger 30cal 200.2 bullets -Redding Type S bushing die w/bushing -Forster Ultra Micrometer seating die - 40 pieces of 2x fired, and annealed, Norma brass Would really...
  2. Lovellr653

    Norma vs Remington Brass, case volume

    While loading some once fired Remington brass for load development I could feel some primers seated easier than others. I had used a Sinclair primer pocket uniformer as part of my brass prep so my assumption is the difference was due to minor factory variances in primer pocket circumference, no...
  3. T

    7mm rem mag, 175 ABLR, 7828SSC

    Hello all, I’m new to LRH and looking for some advice on a rifle I’m loading for. Components: Ruger 77 action Brux stainless 26” 1-8 New Norma brass Fed GM215M 175gr ABLR IMR7828SSC I’m seating bullets to fit mag box, that gives a 0.120 jump. I’m increasing charges 0.3 grain at a time...
  4. fnlights

    Norma vs Lapua Brass

    Looking for some new brass for my .300 Win Mag - I am newer to reloading and do not have any experience with either of these. I know Lapua is starting to produce some .300 Win Mag brass at "some point in Q2". So who knows when that will be and even with that, when you will be able to find it...
  5. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED Nosler and Norma brass - CONDENSING TO NEW AD

    For sale is the following brass from an estate sale. Most of the previous brass sold from the estate has been new and unfired. Some opened, most unopened. The brass is physically in a storage unit so I don't have immediate access to check lot numbers, etc. The following is the base price and if...