neck turning

  1. Blaster01

    Is inconsistent soot on the neck of fired cases my problem?

    Sorry for the long winded post but I’m really really curious. So I’ve tried a couple different powders and a couple different bullets in my fierce 300 prc. I can shoot the factory 225s half inch all day. But I cannot find a solid load with handloads. Granted I’m new to reloading so it very well...
  2. BoatTail

    OK to Outside Neck Turn Nickel Plated Brass?

    After a session at my local clubs shooting range, I found and picked up a dozen or so Winchester Nickel Plated 300 WSM Brass mixed in with regular brass of the same make. As I began resizing them this evening to 270 WSM with the intent to outside neck turn them to match the neck thickness of my...
  3. StanB

    K&M Neck Turning Tool w/ 7mm Pilot

    Like new, K&M Micro-Adjustable Neck Turner, with 7mm steel pilot, carbide cutter, and pilot jack option. $100 shipped TYD.
  4. C

    21st century neck turning lathe

    Want to buy 21st century neck turning lathe.