neck turning

  1. 1Moose

    Neck turning: Trying to turn full neck but seeing cutting high on shoulder (280 AI)

    I'm new to neck turning and am using Sinclair 4000 toolset on once-fired and FL sized Nosler 280 AI brass. The problem I'm having is that on some of my cases I see cut marks high on the shoulder (junction of shoulder to sidewall), even when the cutter isn't cutting near right at the junction of...
  2. Petey308

    Advanced Load Development and Reloading Practices

    So, I plan on discussing this in a video at some point, but figured if you had the time/motivation to do some reading, I'd share a topic/discussion point regarding SD/ES and my thoughts on the matter, specifically how to reduce it. This is the more advanced version of my basic load development...
  3. Blaster01

    Is inconsistent soot on the neck of fired cases my problem?

    Sorry for the long winded post but I’m really really curious. So I’ve tried a couple different powders and a couple different bullets in my fierce 300 prc. I can shoot the factory 225s half inch all day. But I cannot find a solid load with handloads. Granted I’m new to reloading so it very well...
  4. BoatTail

    OK to Outside Neck Turn Nickel Plated Brass?

    After a session at my local clubs shooting range, I found and picked up a dozen or so Winchester Nickel Plated 300 WSM Brass mixed in with regular brass of the same make. As I began resizing them this evening to 270 WSM with the intent to outside neck turn them to match the neck thickness of my...
  5. StanB

    K&M Neck Turning Tool w/ 7mm Pilot

    Like new, K&M Micro-Adjustable Neck Turner, with 7mm steel pilot, carbide cutter, and pilot jack option. $100 shipped TYD.
  6. C

    21st century neck turning lathe

    Want to buy 21st century neck turning lathe.