neck tension

  1. Lovellr653

    Bullet Pulling Question

    I got a bad batch of TTSX bullets and unfortunately only noticed after I had 10 already seated. Some imperfections were not glaring to the naked eye but to a caliper they were. I have never had to pull bullets before so I ordered up a RCBS bullet puller and properly sized collet. Once these...
  2. Petey308

    Advanced Load Development and Reloading Practices

    So, I plan on discussing this in a video at some point, but figured if you had the time/motivation to do some reading, I'd share a topic/discussion point regarding SD/ES and my thoughts on the matter, specifically how to reduce it. This is the more advanced version of my basic load development...
  3. Blaster01

    Setting neck tension with expander mandrel and bushing die questions

    So this is my first time using the expander mandrel. I just got in the mail a whidden gunworks click adjustable full length bushing die for my 300 prc. I ordered the Sinclair expander die and the 30 cal carbide mandrel before the sizing die. To my understanding, people are just taking the...