neck sizing

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    Partial neck sizing - a problem?

    I'm bumping back the shoulder on my 224 Valkyrie once-fired bass by .004" in a Redding FB bushing die, and bringing down the neck with a bushing to a neck tension of .003". However, keeping the shoulder bump to .004", I'm seeing the neck get sized only about halfway. I assume this is not ideal...
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    Deleted poll attempt

    Disregard this thread. It was an attempted poll that I couldn't get to work.
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    Neck Sizing Issues

    Hello all, I was wondering if neck-sizing really does offer an accuracy advantage? I have a single shot 22-250 Rem 12LRPV so the magazine issues would not be a problem. I full-length resize now with Hornady New Dimension dies. Also if I do neck-size the brass, how to I deal with the...