1. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED VV N565 Colorado Springs $380

    I have 4 unopened 8lb jugs of n565. Looking to spread the wealth. I am selling each for $380 and am willing to trade 1 for Retumbo. I live in Colorado Springs and will only do face to face, just message me if interested.
  2. S

    Willing to trade various powders for some N565, 568 or N570 around metro Atlanta

    I'm looking for some N565, 568 or 570. I have the following that I'd be willing to trade. -H1000 -H4350 -IMR4350 -Retumbo -RL33 -H50 -RL25 -RL50 -Leverevolution -US 869
  3. trout004

    How much should I reduce loads? New ADG Brass

    Guys, I've heard that due to lower volume, one should reduce the charge by ~10% for new ADG brass. What are your findings? I have been running 210 Bergers w/Hornady brass, 75.5 grains of VV N565, and GM215M primers, but I want to start with a new lot of ADG brass and try out the 208 ELD-M’s...
  4. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED 8# of N570 & N565 - North Idaho (Post Falls)

    For sale are an 8# jug of each N570 and N565. Both new and unopened. Picked these up recently for someone else, but they didn’t need them after all. $350 each. Located in Post Falls, ID, and can’t ship. Please PM if interested.
  5. Blaster01

    Looking for VV N565

    Really need to get my hands on some more N565. Anyone know of any in stock anywhere or anyone have some they would sell me? Or even N570. Would really appreciate it! Thanks!
  6. Blaster01

    Fierce Carbon Fury 300 PRC and Carbon Edge 28 Nosler. IMPRESSED!

    Pretty new to long range shooting and hand loading as well. Bought a Fierce carbon fury in 300 prc yesterday. Bought one box of factory ammo. 6 shots to get zeroed. A few more just to get some down the barrel and become familiar. And then 3 for 3 at 730 yards and 1 for 2 at 1000. This is my...
  7. doug2080

    N565 for 28 nosler?

    Was wondering if anyone has tried the N565 with their 28 and if so what kind of results they got. Been using US869 with decent results as well a rl33 with promising results. Seems N570 is the go to in the 28 but that stuff being like hens teeth I thought I might give 565 a try but wanted to...
  8. Y

    Having issues working up a load

    Im trying too many new components and getting some strange results. Im not sure where to go from here. HBN, Berger 156 EOL, Vihtavuori N565, CCI 250 Mag primers, Norma 6.5x284 brass. First time trying Hexagonal Boron Nitride. Purchased from Bulletcoatings.com. Followed the instructions to clean...