1. J


    Selling my MPA PMR Pro 6.5 PRC rifle. I purchased the rifle new in spring 2022, I still have the original spec card/build sheet. The barrel has 385 rounds through it (always cleaned thoroughly after matches, bore is very shiny, like new). The barrel really likes 147 ELD-Ms and 153.5 hybrids...
  2. CanisLupus

    SOLD/EXPIRED MPA BA Competition Chassis

    $850 shipped to lower 48 … excellent condition … accepts Remington short action (and clones) … right hand, non-folding … tungsten color. More pics or info available upon request.
  3. jackie_daytona

    SOLD/EXPIRED FS Custom Precision 6.5 PRC

    For sale: Brand New MPA Bolt Action 6.5 PRC. I had it build in June and have decided to sell to build another. MPA Competition Chassis, integrated arca rail, Curtis Axiom Action, Folding Stock, imbedded leveler, monopod, Trigger Tech Flat Trigger, Area 419 magazine extensions (10 round...
  4. jackie_daytona

    SOLD/EXPIRED FS: Masterpiece Arms 6.5 PRC + Extras

    For sale: Brand New MPA Bolt Action 6.5 PRC. I had it build in June and have decided to sell to get a different caliber on a long action. Curtis Axiom Action, Folding Stock, imbedded leveler, monopod, Area 419 magazine extensions (10 round capacity), MTU barrel, finished in cerakote OD Green...
  5. S

    SA standard bolt Defiance Deviant BA

    Looking to sell this BA because I can’t get a magnum bolt for it for 37 weeks according to Defiance. I bought it just like it sits and have not fired it so I can’t attest to how it shoots. I bought it locally from a guy that does PRS. He says he shot factory ammo only he didn’t reload. He said...
  6. IdahoHunter208

    Spuhr 4302 34mm scope mount

    Selling my lightly used Spuhr SP4302 scope mount (10.3 moa, 1.5” high). Only used in 3 PRS matches. Perfect clearance for 56mm objective scopes on flat picatinny rails found on ARs/RPR and works great with any other type of rifle. Comes with original box, extra screws, leveling wedge. Minor...
  7. J

    Short action rounds in a long action

    Okay so I’m getting close to starting my first custom bolt gun and I had a bit of a crazy idea(i think I might be crazy at least). The gun I want to build is a 6.5cm in an MPA chassis with a bighorn TL3 action and a WTO switchlug. Now with the ability to eventually switch barrels and calibers...
  8. D

    SOLD/EXPIRED Savage SA MPA (MasterPiece Arms) Chassis

    As the title says, MPA Chassis that I purchased from Core for my Model 16 22-250. Has been to the range twice. 33 shots on the chassis. New price: $700 shipped.
  9. D

    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom Savage Model 16

    Savage Model 16 SA Savage 22-250. Was originally purchased from Cabela’s as a Cabela’s Savage special edition. SS fluted barrel and action with an AccuTrigger and AccuStock. I’m including both the original barrel (less than 150 rounds) and original stock. Both in good condition, The action...