model 70

  1. HunterShooter

    Win Model 70 Barrel suggestions

    Hi All, I have a Winchester Model 70 Extreme SS in a 30-06 that is only a few years old, but I reload and shoot a LOT. I think my barrel may be coming to the end it's life in the near future. I have been very happy with accuracy to this point as I am getting .3 to .5" 100 yard groups shooting...
  2. J.G.W

    Axis/Chital deer

    Took the first deer with my new Model 70 SuperGrade .300WM on Sunday, a nice little Axis doe, or as we call them out here Chital. Grass was really long so only shot I had was a high shoulder. 250 yards (ranged) with a Woodleigh 200gr bullet. Messed up one shoulder pretty bad but still put plenty...
  3. H

    Winchester M70 compact .243 and 7-08

    Very light and accurate. 7-08 is near perfect. Never hunted. Sub moa with Federal fusion. $750 shipped Trigger jobs done. Rings and bases included. If you’re interested in the mounted scope, we can work out a deal. 7-08 Minox ZA5 2-10x50 30mm tube No sling or ammo sleeve. Winchester Box...
  4. 65WSM

    M70 WSSM Action trued ready for barrel

    i wore out the factory barrel (can't imagine how that happened?). Action was trued by Mike Palazzo. I own two other WSSM rifles, one with a custom barrel, so I decided to let this action go. I have a factory supplied Bell & Carlson Metalist stock and bottom metal available also if you are...
  5. K

    SOLD/EXPIRED Model 70 .223 Rem, McMillan A2, CDI Precision Mag Well

    I have for sale a Model 70, push feed action in .223rem. Rifle Specs: - Winchester Model 70 Action - push feed - McMillan A2 stock with adjustable cheek piece, 3 way butt plate, and forend rail (I don't know if it is Anschutz or Freeland). - Barrel is a Krieger Heavy Palma finished at 27.5"...
  6. B

    Win m70 Pre-'64

    Hello, I have a Winchester Model 70 pre-'64 Hunter Grade, with a 26" nickel-steel barrel in .220 Swift. The rifle has a Lyman Super Target Spot on it. Excellent condition except for some scratches on the stock. Does anyone know any specs or about how much it is worth? Thanks.:)

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