1. 300whisper

    Marlin 1894 limited 45LC $1200 shipped

    Like title says, new or almost new condition (less than 20 rounds fired). Please PM or text for more info.
  2. R

    Marlin 990 DU

    I have a new (well, old) in box Marlin 990 ducks unlimited 22 sporting rifle, made sometime in the 80’s or maybe 1990. Looking for trades or money offers, don’t know what it’s worth. Things I would trade it for, partial or even trade -Decent scope and rings -Any gun that’s shootable -Decent to...
  3. U

    SOLD/EXPIRED Several Guns in Idaho

    I am in the process of selling some of my guns. I built a website to show lots of photos and provide a way to contact me, but I also wanted to list them here. So, here are a few. More to come. Browning Model 1885 BPCR, .45-90 Browning Model 1885 BPCR in .45-90 with a 34" heavy...