1. AFmaryland

    SOLD/EXPIRED AR15 Custom 350 Legend with extras

    Custom AR15 350 Legend $1000 shipped to FFL or local pickup at FFL in Maryland Comes with: - 2x CMMG 350 Legend magazines filed / modified by gunsmith to eliminate any feed issues (common with 350 legend AR15) - Vortex Crossfire Gen 2 Red Dot optic Optional Ammo: 3 boxes of Hornady American...
  2. Bjt308

    1 .308 AI aics 10 round and 2 accurate 300 wsm 7 round mags

    Available are one AI brand 10 round .308 mag and two accurate mag 7 round 300 WSM mags. All are used but in good function and condition. Asking $55.00 a piece shipped.
  3. Bjt308

    Badger Ordnance M5 short action long paddle bottom metal

    Badger Ordnance M5 short action long paddle bottom metal for Remington 700 or clone short action. Comes with action screws. Used but very good condition. $200.00 shipped
  4. S

    BNIB Magpul Pmag MP-5 50 Round Drum

    Bought this and never used it. New in box other then a test fit. Looks like cheapest online is $105 before shipping. $90 shipped.
  5. aeroyote

    Two .223 Accuracy International Magazines

    Asking $60 each.
  6. jareese

    6.5 PRC Detachable Mag - LONG Action solved (for me)

    For anyone interested - I was looking for a long action magazine for my 6.5 PRC, I had already purchased the HS Precision BDL drop in (minor stock adjustment needed, did myself) but I also had a KRG Bravo stock I wanted to switch to. My regular 300 Win Mag and 338 Lapua AI magazines wouldn't...
  7. Recoil Junkie

    Accuracy International Pattern 300 WM Mags 3.715 Length

    The 2 mags are both 300WM 3.715 length. The MDT is brand new and the AI mag is slightly used, the AI mag has been shortened in the front to help it feed 375 Ruger ammo, the follower will not slip out of the mag it and feeds perfectly for 300WM and the like. MDT 5 round mag - $60 shipped AI 5...
  8. T

    SOLD/EXPIRED MDT .308/6.5 Magazine

    I have two MDT metal magazines with binder plates for sale. One is still unopened in original packaging. The other has only been used to test feeding. The gun was never fired. I switched to binderless mags- reason for selling. $55 shipped each to 48 states. I take Zelle, Venmo, MO.

    Tikka T3 Magazines

    Tikka T3 and T3x magazines These are 3D printed from a durable and lightweight carbon fiber composite material. The springs are a custom made coil spring design made from 17-7 spring steel. The following versions are available. 223 - 8 round capacity, COAL 2.55, weight 3.5 oz Short Action 243...
  10. Texas Speed Bump

    20-round Mags for M1A

    I have 5 brand new 20-round Checkmate brand mags (4 still in original wrap) that fit 7.62x51 M1As. Selling these for $25/ea or all 5 for $100 (+ shipping). These currently sell for $39/ea at Brownells.
  11. Charlie Brown Jr.

    Saiga 12 ga. MD arms 20 rd Drum Magazines

    New unopened, 2-- 20 Rd . magazines. MD arms, these are well built and very dependable magazines, fits Sagia 12 ga semi autos. Check on You Tube to see this model in action, they work great.. $225 TYD.. I'll ship UPS insured and well packaged.. Pay Pal F&F or as a gift, or money order or bank...
  12. B

    MDT 308 Magazine AICS Polymer

    Used but in excellent condition. 8 round capacity. $30 shipped.
  13. Hawkeye Pierce

    HELP Finding XM length box magazines

    Im going to be ordering a Defiance Machine Ruckus XM action hopefully relatively soon. Only problem is I can't seem to find box magazines for them. American precision arms has new bottom metal for the action as well as Hawkins Precision, just no mags. What I'm building is a. 260 terminator from...
  14. SilverbulletMAG

    New Ruger American Predator Stock & Magazine

    Brand new stock and magazine off a 6.5 Creedmoor Ruger American Predator. This is the heavier contour barrel version with the AR style magazine and the stock is Moss Green. No idea what the "value" is for something like this so I'll thrown out $125 obo.
  15. D

    Bighorn Origin - Wyatt’s extended mag box

    Has anyone done this yet? I know they don’t offer the option on the origin like they do on the SR3, but is there any mechanical reason to not do this? Needing the length for a 6.5prc on a short action.
  16. HeathGT

    Factory Tikka Magazine

  17. bbckfh

    6.5 PRC Magazine Option

    I'm going to skip the "is 6.5 PRC worth it" discussion, since for me it is... I don't reload. So for those of us looking for magazine-fed options, rather than BDL-style floorplates, here's one. I have two X-Bolts in 6.5 Creedmoor, and love them. I've never had any of the magazine-related...
  18. J

    Boyds Savage SA 4.4 Bottom Bolt Release stock

    Please forgive any typos. I'm using my tablet for this. Brand new, Boyds thumbhole stock for Savage 4.4" short action, bottom bolt release rifle. it is inletted for DBM. I had a barreled action in it for a little bit and even made the leather cheek piece for it. the cheek piece is velcroed...
  19. B

    Bullet seating deeper under recoil

    I have a 338 Norma Mag running AI, CIP length mags. Under recoil, with a brake the bullets are seating deeper into the case and mushrooming the tips. I have tried 2k and 4k neck tension with no luck. I’ve tried stretching the magazine spring, also with no luck. Does anyone have any experience...