1. Overkill338

    Rebarreling a Ruger M77 MkII

    I have found out, the Ruger American is threaded the same as the M77, and has a barrel nut. I love Ruger rifles, I've just never been much on Remington and Winchester. I know I'm an odd ball. Anyway, I would like to take my .300 Win Mag, and rebarrel it into a 28" .300 PRC. I believe that...
  2. B

    Ruger M77 HELP

    I am trying to do one of two things with this rifle. 1) Find Canted or Offset rings that are made to fit the ruger type of rifles or 2) Find some way to put a canted picatinny rail on, without taking to a gunsmith for drilling/tapping. thanks alot.