long range scope

  1. M

    Leupold Mark 4 M-1 24x Scope & 30mm Rings

    This is a Leupold Mark 4 M-1 16x scope with a 24x conversion by Dick Thomas at Premier Reticle. S/N #212025F. The Optics are clean and the adjustments are accurate without backlash. The reticle is a fine crosshair with a 3/16 minute dot. I used it for 1,000 yard competition. I have 5 of these...
  2. Josebigsky

    Advice on Long Range Scope Zero

    Hi all, I am having a 28 Nosler built and will be putting a Leupold 4-24 Vx6 on it with an Impact 23 MOA Reticle. This is the first long-range rifle I have owned. I live in Montana. I built this rifle to hunt elk and mule deer. I plan on using the reticle when I need to make a quick shot. I...