Athlon Cronus Gen2 BTR *Like New*


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Dec 15, 2021
Harrisonburg, VA
Selling my Athlon Cronus G2 BTR scope. It's the 4.5-29x56 model. It's basically new, I've added an MK Machining fast focus knob and a sunshade (which surprisingly doesn't come with them new). I only had it out to sight in the gun I put it on and I shot one long range match with it, I've had it for about two months. I really want to be able to keep it and use it, because the glass is actually quite amazing and the turrets are really nice and tactile; however, something about this scope and my eyes does not get a long, my eye cannot focus when looking through the scope. I've obviously adjusted parallax, I've adjusted the diopter, and I've had my wife shoot it and she has no problem whatsoever. So unfortunately I've got to let it go. Aside from the extras it's got, it comes with the box and all paperwork, as it would if purchased new. I also have a 20MOA cantilever mount that I can include if needed, no extra charge. Asking $1500 shipped

Would like to trade for/towards the following scopes (MOA reticle would be preferred, but not a deal breaker):
-Mark 5HD 7-35
-Zeiss LRP S3
-Razor Gen2 or 3
-Burris XTR 3 pro


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