1. BigBuck74

    Bansner "Ultimate Ovis" Sheep Rifle Unfired SCI gun of the year!!

    I have decided to sell my Bansner Ultimate Ovis Sheep rifle SCI gun of the year. For those of you not in the know about Mark Bansner, he builds the most beautiful sheep rifles you can own. Every detail about this rifle speaks class with nothing spared. This rifle was purchased at the SCI show...
  2. sheffe

    338-06 Ackley - High Tech Customs

    Built by Rich Riley - High tech customs in Colorado Spring. Chamber - 338-06 AI Win Model 70 fluted bolt (post 64 Push) 24" Lilja fluted barrel (light contour) with muzzle break Action and barrel cerekoted flat black (like leupold mat black) light carbon stock -Legendary Arms (LAW - Formerly...
  3. L

    New lilja barrel, 6.5mm (.264cal), # 6 taper(.700 inch muzzle), 27 inch stainless straight fluted

    Just to reiterate: 6.5mm caliber (.264 cal) Lilja #6 tapered new barrel, stainless and straight fluted, a 700/1000ths inches at the muzzle, and 8 inch twist. Great for long range hunting/target/tactical. It is a 3 groove barrel which lengthens throat life and Lilja says they are getting great...
  4. L

    New lilja #6 taper (.700 in muzzle) , .264 ,27 inch, 3 groove rifling, 8 twist, stainless fluted

    6.5mm caliber (.264) barrel. 3 groove, 8 twist. It's a $585 barrel you won't have to wait 3 months for to be built. I will sell it for $550 and split the shipping to the lower 48. I'm near Coeur D' Alene, Idaho , which is northern Idaho 40 min east of Spokane, WA. Barrel has not been...