1. sheffe

    338-06 Ackley - High Tech Customs

    Built by Rich Riley - High tech customs in Colorado Spring. Chamber - 338-06 AI Win Model 70 fluted bolt (post 64 Push) 24" Lilja fluted barrel (light contour) with muzzle break Action and barrel cerekoted flat black (like leupold mat black) light carbon stock -Legendary Arms (LAW - Formerly...
  2. L

    New lilja barrel, 6.5mm (.264cal), # 6 taper(.700 inch muzzle), 27 inch stainless straight fluted

    Just to reiterate: 6.5mm caliber (.264 cal) Lilja #6 tapered new barrel, stainless and straight fluted, a 700/1000ths inches at the muzzle, and 8 inch twist. Great for long range hunting/target/tactical. It is a 3 groove barrel which lengthens throat life and Lilja says they are getting great...
  3. L

    New lilja #6 taper (.700 in muzzle) , .264 ,27 inch, 3 groove rifling, 8 twist, stainless fluted

    6.5mm caliber (.264) barrel. 3 groove, 8 twist. It's a $585 barrel you won't have to wait 3 months for to be built. I will sell it for $550 and split the shipping to the lower 48. I'm near Coeur D' Alene, Idaho , which is northern Idaho 40 min east of Spokane, WA. Barrel has not been...