New lilja barrel, 6.5mm (.264cal), # 6 taper(.700 inch muzzle), 27 inch stainless straight fluted


Nov 12, 2012
Just to reiterate: 6.5mm caliber (.264 cal) Lilja #6 tapered new barrel, stainless and straight fluted, a 700/1000ths inches at the muzzle, and 8 inch twist. Great for long range hunting/target/tactical. It is a 3 groove barrel which lengthens throat life and Lilja says they are getting great accuracy with these barrels. Rate of twist is 1 turn in 8 inches. It's a $585 barrel plus shipping from Lilja. I will send you this one for $500 even and I will send it insured shipping to the lower 48. I am near Couer D'Alene, Idaho if you live within an hour or so and want to come pick it up or meetup somewhere. Buying from me saves you money and a 3 month wait time.

Barrel has not been chambered or worked on in any way. It is new, and still in new condition. Lilja barrels are of the highest quality, match grade barrels, that have won more rifle matches than any other barrel. This one is stainless steel and straight fluted. The blank is 28 inches long. It will yield a 27 inch barrel once it is threaded, chambered, and fitted to a rifle action.

Call or text me at 971-701-0406. Jeff
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