lightweight hunting rifle

  1. C

    Custom Builds for Wife and I: Backcountry Hunting

    Howdy I need some help with a custom rifle build! I've never dabbled in building a bolt gun and would like some input from the experts! I'm doing this because I love guns and it sounds fun, but also to learn more about the process. I'll be building a 6.5 PRC for my wife and 7 PRC for myself...
  2. MtnMann

    My Western Rifle Build

    Well after many years of drooling over custom rifles, this year (with the wife's blessing of course) I'm putting together my first custom rifle. Forewarning this is going to be a long post as I go into some detail regarding the "why" behind a lot of my choices. My overall goal for this project...
  3. T

    New to Long Range Hunting

    Hey Everyone! I am new to long range hunting. I currently own an Tikka T3x TAC A1 with a Steiner T5xi 25-56x mil scope. I shoot 6.5 creedmoor. I figured that since most people in my area don't seem to be much help when it comes to hunting, I would come here to learn more. I currently live in...
  4. J

    Any experience with CA Ridgeline FFT??

    Hey everyone, I really like the CA ridgeline rifle and would like to ask if anyone has handled the Ridgeline FFT (lighter version of the ridgeline). I think I am wanting one and was hoping a few folks may of put there hands on one by now. Any thoughts on them if you have??