leupold rx-2800

  1. J

    Leupold rx-2800 - opinions

    I was curious now that the Leupold RX-2800 has been out for a while what peoples thoughts are on it? I have read everything I can find so far and the feedback has been limited yet positive as it was so new, with most reports coming from mid 2018. I saw Rex did a review and thought it was his...
  2. Canhunter35

    Leupold RX-2800

    Not much has been said about this rangefinder, but I just bought one and sold my bushnell 1 mile arc which always worked well but I wanted to try this sucker. And it’s flat out awesome. I consistently was able to bounce to bounce bales at 2000 yards. It wouldn’t do much past 2100 yards on non...