lapua brass

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    SOLD/EXPIRED Lapua 6.5x47 Brass

    For sale is a total of 338 pieces of Lapua 6.5x47 brass. They are currently divided into the following groups: Group A — brand new unopened blue box $96 + shipping Group B — 123 total pieces; 43 1x fired, 80 new. All have been VLD chamfered on the inside of the neck, and run through a sizing...
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    For Sale NEW Lapua 308 brass

    New Lapua 308 brass for sale. Details as follows: 295 pieces (large rifle primer) packaged in one blue unopened box, and two opened gold boxes. Gold boxes are same lot, blue box is different lot. $190+shipping 300 pieces 308 Palma (small rifle primer) packaged in three unopened blue boxes. All...

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