Lapua 6.5x47 brass


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May 6, 2019
Post Falls, Idaho
I have for sale 179 pieces of Lapua brand 6.5x47 brass. This is from an estate sale locally. The gentleman managing the estate says this is new, hand loaded brass, but never fired. I looked it over today, and didn’t find any signs of it being previously fired. I have not personally counted or sorted through the brass myself yet; there could be a few pieces of Nosler brass mixed in. It is currently loaded with a variety of high end bullets - Cutting Edge and likely Berger or Lapua, by the looks of them.

This is not for sale as loaded ammunition. I will be pulling them apart and dumping the powder prior to shipping unless the buyer wants to do it themselves. You get the primed brass, and all the bullets.

Asking $1.10/piece + actual shipping costs.