1. H

    SOLD/EXPIRED Rare Knife Cleanout

    all these are used but in good condition. Details as follows. All prices OBO. Fixed Blades (all with sheathes included) Cold Steel “Culloden”. I see these go for several hundred bucks, but mine has some staining and dings. It’s also a factory second. It’s very much functional, if you’re...
  2. Alex Genereux

    SOLD/EXPIRED Benchmade Altitude Knife

    Selling an excellent condition benchmade altitude knife with holster and box. Knife is super sharp and doesn't have any scratches on it at all. S90V steel weighs 1.67oz $175 TYD Paypal FF Let me know if you have any questions!
  3. Blaine2009

    Chris Reeve Skinner (Ubejane)

    I am looking for a Chris Reeve Skinner (Ubejane). This is a hollow handle knife. I would prefer one that has been used. But any condition will be considered. The attached picture is the knife model I am after. Thank you to google for the picture.
  4. A

    Cheap backup Gerber Vital Blades

    I usually buy scalpel blades on ebay since they come in boxes of 100 with a #3 handle for less than $10. (Way cheaper than getting exacto blades from walmart). I accidently ordered a #4 handle (since i lose them all) I noticed that my Gerber vital blades would fit the 4 handle. So if you want...