idaho elk hunt

  1. Tuler

    Scent Elimination for a long range hunt?

    We're heading back to Idaho this year to hunt elk and deer. Typically it's a 200+ yard shot, but we have shot elk in the 30-yard range before (which shocked us as much as the elk). A buddy and I were talking about scent elimination and he was recommending that I should get some from a company...
  2. MWood

    Cost of Landowner Tag, Idaho Elk Hunt, 10/1/19 to 10/5/19

    Hello, I won an Elk hunt for this fall in Idaho. The hunt will take place just south of Salmon, ID . The hunt dates are 10/1 to 10/5. The contest I won does not cover the cost of license or tags only cost of guide and lodging. I am supposed to enter the draw, and if not successful in drawing...
  3. T

    CircleKBL Elk Hunt report

    Our Idaho rut hunt got off to a great start this year. A good number of our hunters did well in spite of the unusually warm weather. We are looking forward to the start of the Montana rifle season on the 22nd of October as well as continuing our back country wilderness hunts in Idaho...
  4. T

    Unit 17-high percentage of 6 pt or better bulls

    I was checking out the Idaho Fish and Game hunting statistics for Unit 17. I was pleased to see that last year 71% of the harvested bull elk were 6 points or better. In 2009, 78% were 6 points or better. Our November hunts produce some nice long range hunting opportunities for the qualified...