hunting ammo

  1. A

    Weatherby Mark V 30-06 ammo selection

    I have a Weatherby Mark V Hunter chameberd in 30-06 and i am having a hard time getting good grouping. Dose any one have any ammo sugestions? i am hoping to use a monolthoc bullet. Thanks for the input!!!
  2. A

    SOLD/EXPIRED Nosler 270WSM ammo 140 grain accubond

    New factory same lot 270 wsm ammo Nosler accubond 140 grain. $60.00 a box
  3. Barret04

    Berger VLD match for hunting?

    People with this ammo shortage, I will have to go hunting Aoudad sheep with a 7mm rem mag and Berger’s VLD Match 168 bullets The question is, am I making I mistake? I’d read already some post, old post, that talks about good results hunting with VLD match and Hybrid Berger bullets
  4. mercerbear

    Federal Premium Ammo Availability

    I just realized that the Federal Premium website does not feed into ammoseek. Prices are not cheap, but there is quite a bit of selection available over there in popular hunting calibers. I just picked up 4 boxes of 200 Grain Terminal Ascents in 300 WM. It's been very hard to find this...