1. Recoil Junkie


    Take off HMR short action stock. Bedded to a Bergara and drilled an tapped for an ARCA rail. Comes with bottom metal and bolts. $250 shipped.
  2. R

    SOLD/EXPIRED Bergara HMR Pro Stock

    Bergara HMR Pro Stock Remington 700 SA footprint Excellent condition, never used Very slight surface rust on sling swivels from storage $275 shipped
  3. P

    Bergara Hmr 300wm

    Bergara hmr 300 winchester magnum. $850 shipped, including muzzle brake. $900 shipped including MB and dnz game reaper 1 piece rings. I bought the bergara last fall as a backup for my son's elk hunt, as the stock broke on his other rifle. However we were able to get a replacement stock on his...