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    Any of you guys ever load the hammer bullets for 7mm wsm ?

    Wondering if you guys could recommend a good big game bullet by hammer that I could use in my new 7mm wsm ? Maybe a starting point for load development as well . Thanks !
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    Hammer Hunter test 300WM Questions

    I’m trying the 180 gr Hammer Hunter in a Savage 116 Bear 22” barrel and 1:10 twist. I started at the below data at 200yds. I have not found pressure yet but my deviations are dropping as I go up in powder. You can cover these 4 shots with a quarter. Two questions, Steve says these bullets like a...
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    Sherman 6.5 SST

    Anyone have any load data for 124 grain Hammer Hunters in this chambering. Shooting a 26" Proof barrel 1:8 twist, max cartridge length 2.8 inches. New rifle, about to start break in and load development. My second SST :). Thanks in advance for any help!!