1. Boomstickin


    As the title states; UNOPENED 8# Jug of Hodgdon H4350. Has been kept in a temperature controlled room, asking $350 OBO. I’m not a licensed Haz-Mat shipper, located in Boise Idaho & can meet in and around Ada County.
  2. T

    SOLD/EXPIRED Powder for sale/trade central PA

    I have some powder to dump off or trade. Clays I have 3-1# cans ($20ea,$50all) H4350 I have 2-8# and a handful of 1# ($300-8#, $45-1#) Varget I have 6-1# cans ($45ea) I’m looking for: Fed GM210M primers H1000 Located near State College PA.
  3. S

    Willing to trade various powders for some N565, 568 or N570 around metro Atlanta

    I'm looking for some N565, 568 or 570. I have the following that I'd be willing to trade. -H1000 -H4350 -IMR4350 -Retumbo -RL33 -H50 -RL25 -RL50 -Leverevolution -US 869
  4. lovec_1

    6.5mm Lapua with 123gr. bullet

    Guys, I've found few bottles of the H4350 and some boxes of Lapua Scenar 123gr in my safe. Does anyone loaded this combo? What kind of speed I can expect? My rig has a 26" pipe. Thx.
  5. C

    How Much Barrel Do I Have Left?

    Just trying to plan out my path forward in this shooting endeavor. My 6.5 CM with 24” Benchmark #5 contour barrel has just crossed the 1400 round count mark. I shoot about 40 rounds a week AND one to two rounds during hunting season, depending on how steady I can get. I have accumulated the...
  6. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED 1lb of H4350 for trade

    Probably a long shot…. But here goes! Looking to trade 1 lb of H4350 for Varget, RL26, H1000, or retumbo (all ones that EVERYONE wants lol) I would also be willing to trad Berger 200.20x or 215 rounds or LRM primers too. I am in Colorado Springs and do not have the ability to ship this item...
  7. G

    500 145 grain 6.5mm Barnes Match Burners

    I picked up 1000 of these to just have on hand. I paid a premium in case I run out of 140 Berger hybrids. I have no experience with them and they might be a bit heavy for my 260s. I’ll trade an unopened box of 500 for above bergers or some other 139-142 grain match bullets. Berger, SMK, LAPUA...
  8. Howland

    SOLD/EXPIRED SPF - H4350 sealed 8lb jug, F2F only Greenville SC area

    I have one sealed jug of H4350 that I bought when planning an AR10 build. I ended up going .308 so I don't have a use for it. Only BIN on GB is $700 (updated 2/1). GB is crazy but I'm not. I'd prefer to trade for things I could use but I would take cash. Current GB bids are $300 w/ 6+ days left...
  9. Desert Demon

    WTS Phoenix area Only H414, W760, Ramshot Hunter 1Lbers

    Phoenix Area Only — as I don’t have a HAZMAT to ship. im looking to simplify my reloading needs. I’ve decided not to use these powders as I’ve found other suitable for my calibers. These are all unopened and purchased with last 6 months. I’m not looking to gouge anyone with GunJoker prices, but...
  10. LVJ76

    7mm-08 Rem with H4350 or RL17?

    For a long long time I've been using IMR-4064 for the lighter 120gr and 140gr bullets with great success and I still have quite a few pounds left of it, and for the heavier bullets ranging from 150gr to 168gr I've used IMR-4350, RL19 and IMR-4895 but I am running low on these powders. I've...
  11. SilverbulletMAG

    FOR TRADE: H4350 for Varget

    My Varget stock is running low. Anyone interested in a 1 for 1 trade, H4350 for Varget? (or Retumbo) 😏 I have 4 sealed 1lb cans or a sealed 8lb jug for trade. Not selling, only interested in a trade. Zip 80906.