1. DRock

    SOLD/EXPIRED H1000 at Powder Valley

    Powder Valley had H1000 in stock as of 5 minutes ago.
  2. Overbore 28

    RL26 and H1000 for trade

    I have (2) 1lb bottles of H1000 and (2) 1lb bottles of RL26 i will trade for Fed 215M primers. Located in western Wisconsin. In person trade only and only interested in primers from the same lot.
  3. J

    WTT/WTS H1000 8lb jug

    I have an unopened 8lb jug of H1000 that I am wanting to trade for an 8lb jug, (or singles), of N570, RL33, or RL26 (or a mix of the three). Let me know what you have. Face to face transfer is preferred, I am located in Harrisonburg, VA area and willing to travel within reason. For sale price...
  4. 88acres

    140 Elite Hunter Load Data 6.5 PRC

    Does anyone have any published or unpublished load data from Berger for 6.5 PRC 140 gr Elite Hunters? I have it for the 156 EOL’s . Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. J

    A decent amount of powder h1000/varget too

    Salida Gunshop in Colorado (they ship) has powders available, to include h1000 and varget
  6. A


    One 8 pound keg of H1000 for pickup only. $500.00 newer stock, sealed and never opened.
  7. S

    Willing to trade various powders for some N565, 568 or N570 around metro Atlanta

    I'm looking for some N565, 568 or 570. I have the following that I'd be willing to trade. -H1000 -H4350 -IMR4350 -Retumbo -RL33 -H50 -RL25 -RL50 -Leverevolution -US 869
  8. A


    Bought several and paid way too much, but that's the (Brandon) world we are living in. I went with a different powder so if someone wants these for $72.00 a pound, they're newer and sealed. Selling for what I paid with crazy hazmat surcharge. Local pickup NW Oregon, no trades. No worries if not...
  9. fnlights

    Verticle Spreading and load development help - where to go from here?

    Hi All, So I have a Bergara Premier Highlander in .300 Win Mag that I am working on some hand loads for. I am using Berger 215's, H1000, Norma Brass, CCI 250's, and Redding Type-S Bushing Dies. Gun will be primarily used for elk hunting out west. I followed Berger's starting point of 70.5...
  10. G

    500 145 grain 6.5mm Barnes Match Burners

    I picked up 1000 of these to just have on hand. I paid a premium in case I run out of 140 Berger hybrids. I have no experience with them and they might be a bit heavy for my 260s. I’ll trade an unopened box of 500 for above bergers or some other 139-142 grain match bullets. Berger, SMK, LAPUA...
  11. Howland

    SOLD/EXPIRED SPF - H4350 sealed 8lb jug, F2F only Greenville SC area

    I have one sealed jug of H4350 that I bought when planning an AR10 build. I ended up going .308 so I don't have a use for it. Only BIN on GB is $700 (updated 2/1). GB is crazy but I'm not. I'd prefer to trade for things I could use but I would take cash. Current GB bids are $300 w/ 6+ days left...
  12. J

    338 edge (by Shawn @ DE)

    I have a rem 700 338 barreled action 30 inch Hart barrel 1/10 twist all work done by Shawn at defensive edge , DE brake , Wyatt's extended magazine box ,DE bubble level and cosine indicator, nightforce 20 moa one piece scope mount , kick-ezz butt pad diamond triggertech trigger,sako extractor ...
  13. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED 4 lbs H1000 - Spokane/CDA - **SPF

    I have for sale 4 pounds of H1000. Ended up buying more than I needed. Selling at my cost, $35/pound.
  14. Okie Whitetail Hunter

    Trade 2lbs of reloader 26 for 2lbs h1000

    Located in Tulsa OK area and do travel to OKC area. Would like to trade 2 new bottles of r26 for H1000.
  15. BlazerBeam

    338 RUM 250 Berger

    How far of a jump are you guys running these bullets? I am hoping to propel these with H1000 and I want to mag feed but it ends up being a jump of about .150”. Haven’t shot any yet but I just wanted to get an idea before I start burning powder. Thanks!
  16. BlazerBeam

    338 RUM 250 Barnes LRX

    Anybody shooting the 250 grain Barnes LRX out of their 338 Ultra mag? I have a 26 inch Fierce carbon fiber barrel on mine and would like to try this bullet out if I can get it going at least 3,000 FPS with great accuracy (half inch at 100 yards). I have tons of H1000, retumbo, and RL26. Anybody...
  17. M

    6.5 PRC Load development

    My son and I spent some time in the reloading room working on a solid load for his Ruger 6.5PRC. I think we have found the load. Using once fired Hornady brass, hodgdon H1000 powder at 57.4gr, Hornady 147gr ELD Match leads and CCI 200 primers. We used the RCBS full length sizer just to push...
  18. BlazerBeam

    Trade RL-26 for H1000

    Hey I have 7 pounds of unopened reloder 26 of the same lot that I would trade for 7 unopened pounds of H1000. Or for an 8 pound jug and I would include some $. I live in Billings Montana, so it would have to be able to be somewhat close to that. Let me know! Thanks
  19. SilverbulletMAG

    SOLD/EXPIRED Sealed 8lb jug of H1000

    Never thought the day would come however, I found myself with more H1000 than I need at the moment. I forgot I had some backorders placed from several months ago and then ordered several more from another shop when they showed in stock. And now all orders have been fulfilled and I have way too...
  20. TriggerTime426

    Mauser m18 300wm, anyone handloading?

    I bought a mauser m18 in 300wm 24.5 in barrel last year and have been trying to find a good long range hand load for it, I tried some hornady 208elds with some luck but nothing I was super impressed with. I checked free bore and as long as I can load them in the mag I'm .2 from the lands, I...