1. C


    Anybody seeing this for sale anywhere online?? Or for that matter retumbo?
  2. JimmyCP

    H1000 being stocked

    Just give everyone a heads up. Powder Valley just sent me an email. I would imagine it's going quick.
  3. J

    New 338 NM Build and Load Work Up Advice

    I just had a 338 Norma magnum built and am in the early phases of my load work for it. If others here that have loaded for the 338 NM could give some feedback it would be greatly appreciated. The rifle is built on a Defiance Deviant action with a Bartlien barrel (27” heavy varmint contour @...
  4. Braunschweiger

    Availability of H1000 and Retumbo

    I’ve noticed very recently (now that I need more) that H1000 and Retumbo are very hard to find. I live in Missouri within 1 hour of both Midway and Grafs. Called grafs today, Retumbo must not be being made any more, and H1000 out of stock. I have a 338 Lapua and a 6.5 SAUM in which I was using...
  5. Silly_Ghillie

    Reading pressure signs with no ejector

    I just rebuilt a target rifle I had in .300 WM. New barrel, stock, optic, the whole nine. in the process of rebuilding, I lost my ejector spring while doing the barrel install (took ejector out for headspace gauges) And then I decided not to even keep the ejector since I don't really care to...
  6. Mitchelldekok

    7mm load recommendations

    Hey, Anyone here ever do the 7mm rem mag ELD-X 175 GR with H 1000 ? And if so, what would you recommend for a starting load charge?
  7. K

    H1000 - two 8# jugs

    Hello, I have two 8# jugs of H1000 that are new never opened, asking $150/jug. I've been running H1000 in my 6mm Competition Match and I purchased these at the beginning of 2018. I'm going to be shooting service rifle next year, so I don't want this powder just sitting around. Face to face...
  8. P

    .300WSM W/178gr ELD-X H1000 Powder Help!!

    I have looked everywhere for load data on .300WSM using 178gr. Hornady ELD-X bullets and H1000 powder. Does anyone have anything that can help me?? Thx!!