1. Nomad8961

    LAW M704 build in 6.5x284

    Just stsrted my build. Specs are as follows, Law m704 LA, parts to come are kreiger barrel in remington scendero profile finished at 26” with flutes and threaded muzzle, a Grayboe terrain stock in OD green, topping in with talley mounts and a Viper PST gen II 3-15x44 FFP. When Im finished it...
  2. S

    Should I keep the Factory Sendero stock or get a Grayboe terrain

    Right now I’m having some modifications done on my Sendero. It’s getting a new trigger and new barrel. So I’m wondering how these Grayboe stocks stack up to the factory HS Precision Sendero stock. I like the idea of more slender forend on the stock . We’re sorta doing a Gunwerks style build...