1. StanB

    Garmin Oregon 700 GPS

    Looking to sell a Garmin Oregon 700 GPS unit that I used on only 1 hunting trip. This thing is like-new! It comes pre-loaded with the North American base map (very good). Included are the standard clip mount; a carabiner/clip combo; a separate/larger clip mount that works well on belts, back...
  2. T

    Gaia GPS vs OnX. Or, a different gps tracker??

    I’m ride horses, atv’s, and hunt an area that is 1/2 WV and 1/2 VA. I also travel out west once/year for elk. I’d like to see property boundaries, track horse trails and hiking, and be able to use fully offline. What do you guys use??
  3. Doug Herold

    InReach Explorer/Garmin

    For Sale 150$ I’ll pay shipping within US