game warden

  1. Lovellr653

    McMillan Game Warden LR

    Hello Folks, I am purchasing components for my first rifle assembly and am looking for feedback on McMillan stocks, specifically the new Game Warden LR. I am open to alternative models and what ever other suggestions you may all have as well. I am putting together a midweigt (9-10lb w/scope)...
  2. btap1991

    SOLD/EXPIRED Manners/ Mesa/ McMillan

    Looking for eh1 or similar style McMillan game warden Mesa altitude Ag composites alpine Cut for defiance deviant hunter LA M5 DBM Looking if anyone has one to sell before I order
  3. T

    McMillan game warden stock short action

    For sale I have an as new McMillan game warden stock in short action length, color of stock is od green. This stock came from the factory on a seekins havak rifle. Stock was replaced before firing the rifle so I am selling as new. Barrel channel is whatever contour comes on factory seekins...
  4. N

    McMillan SA Game Scout / Game Warden Adjustable

    Looking to buy either of the stocks below in a Remington 700 SA Clone. Barrel contour similar to Bartlein #2b - 4, let me know what you have. Long Action Game Warden adjustable in ultra light/ edge tech Short Action Game Scout adjustable in ultra light / edge tech