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    310 Count 30 Caliber 185 Grain FMJ Spitzer Boat Tail

    310 count .3085 diameter 185 grain lead core FMJ Spitzer Boat Tails. Military-style bullet with cannelure. These are from a military contract overrun. Very consistent bullet weights and diameters. Random sample of 50 bullets showed a max weight of 186 gr and a min weight of 184 grains. Most were...
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    Great Big Ammo Sell-off (223, 5.56, 308, 7.62)

    A little bit of a Spring cleaning bug has bitten. Trying to get rid of some unneeded surplus. Below is a catalog of what's available. Will ship or do face-to-face transactions. Shipping is included if total cost is more than $150. All rounds have been stored in a temperature-controlled...