Great Big Ammo Sell-off (223, 5.56, 308, 7.62)


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Apr 21, 2010
Raleigh, NC
A little bit of a Spring cleaning bug has bitten. Trying to get rid of some unneeded surplus.

Below is a catalog of what's available. Will ship or do face-to-face transactions. Shipping is included if total cost is more than $150.

All rounds have been stored in a temperature-controlled environment since purchase. Some of the boxes are in less than mint condition from being moved several times. All rounds are in the condition they were in when purchased (from factory or retailers). "Image Link"s are links to photos of the boxes for each type of ammunition.

Location: Cary, NC.
Payment: PayPal, check, money order (USPS, Walmart Money Gram, etc.)


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