elk hunting public land

  1. Sgt. grizz

    I’m doing a Idaho cow elk hunt in unit 66A and Tex creek

    I’m going to do my first cow Elk hunt, in Idaho unit 66a and Tex Creek, can any one give me tip for this area. This hunt will be in November. I have been doing some scouting using OnX maps but any help would be great.
  2. Hawkeye Pierce

    2nd year Elk hunting, 1st year in Tex Creek Idaho

    Okay guys, I'm looking for any advice on this area, backpacking, late September archery and possibly late Nov rifle. Last year it was rough in the Frank Church Wilderness, lots of lessons learned, hoping to keep the pack as close to 30 lbs as possible. Planning on a couple days at a time. Im...
  3. moa_shooter

    colorado elk hunt

    i am wondering where i should go in Colorado elk hunt next year because i am getting a youth tag for Colorado. I will be 16 and was wondering what is the best public unit to hunt is best? because we are traveling from South Dakota to Colorado! This will be my first ever elk hunt and want to make...
  4. JustPuddles

    Colorado GMU 54

    I moved to Colorado a few years ago from Ohio. I have a Bull Elk tag for the first rifle season in unit 54. I was planning on entering from the rainbow lake trail head (which seems to be very popular) and thinking of having a base camp somewhere between South Baldy and Storm Pass. I grew up deer...
  5. A

    Where would you go for a last minute OTC elk hunt.

    Hi guys. I'm a total noob when it comes to elk hunting, so please help me out. Earlier this year, a group of friends and I were planning a Colorado elk hunt out of his cabin that backs up to Roosevelt National Forest. We had it mostly planned out, and then for various reasons, all but I had...