1. S

    What could cause group outliers?

    I have what seems like a good load developed using 178 ELDM bullets with TS 15.5 in Lapua brass but I'm experiencing odd fliers. SD is ~10 fps over a large number of loads and velocity is averaging 2590 fps. On average, out of 4 shot groups (odd number but it's how many my internal mag holds so...
  2. Petey308

    ELDM vs ELDX (construction-wise)

    It seems like this is always a common debate and topic. So I wanted to make my own thread on the matter, showing the comparisons between the Hornady ELDX and ELDM. They’re not the same and are actually both improvements on two other Hornady bullets. The ELDX is simply just an improved SST and...
  3. Overkill338

    .300 RUM w/225 ELD-M & RL50 or US869

    Anyone have any good starting points for these two powders ? I have RL25 too, but I'd like to try the slower powders as well.
  4. Dukerugger25

    SOLD/EXPIRED WTT ELD-M for Berger Hybrid (7mm 180gr)

    Wanting to trade 500 Hornady ELD-m for 300 Berger Hybrid, 7mm 180gr. I cannot get the ELDMs to shoot accurately out of my 7-300. I would also sell the ELDM’s for what I paid - $175 TYD.
  5. specter29

    Ruger American 22-250 Ackley improved fast twist Proof barrel

    Selling my Ruger American in Magpul stock that was rebarreled to 22-250 Ackley (26" proof heavy Palma 1 in 7 twist) by Straight Jacket Armory. Comes with dies, Hornady 88gr eld-m bullets, and Burris veracity 3-15 scope. $1,300 Will sell rifle, dies, and bullets without scope $1,000
  6. Blaster01

    28 nosler ladder test

    Did a ladder test with my browsing hells canyon 28 nosler. New gunwerks brass, n566, 162g eldm, and federal 215m primers. Here are the results for velocities. Where would you start after seeing this?
  7. H

    162 eld bearing surface?

    Anyone have some the Hornady 162 eldm or eldx bullets they could get a bearing surface measurement on for me? Thanks!
  8. specter29

    22-250 Ackley and 88 gr ELD-M's

    just got my 22-250 ackley back from my gunsmith anyone have any recommended powders or starting points for loading the 88gr ELD-M's or 90gr Bergers for it. It is a 1 in 7 twist 26" barrel.
  9. Daegon

    338 Rum and 285 ELDMs

    I picked up a box of 285 ELDMs for my 338 Rum with a lil beast brake on a stock 26” sporter barrel and action. Hornady is less than zero help and need some load data or at least a good start point. I have H-1000 and retumbo and would prefer to stick with those for temp stability but I’m open...
  10. Bjt308

    6.5mm 147 eld Match 5 boxes

    5 boxes of Hornady 6.5mm 147gr. Eld Match. $150.00 shipped from Worland, WY.