1. Blaster01

    SOLD/EXPIRED Whidden and Redding dies. 300 prc and 28 nos.

    I have a set of the Whidden Gunworks click adjustable full length bushing dies for 300 prc id like to get rid of. Comes with a bushing set. There’s like 6 different bushings in there, and the shoulder bump gauge, along with the micrometer seating die and have custom seating stems for 215 Berger...
  2. D

    SOLD/EXPIRED Unopened Hornady Match Grade dies - 6mm Creedmoor

    Selling an unopened Hornady Match Grade die set for a 6mm Creedmoor $70 TYD
  3. moa_shooter

    Redding Premium Series Deluxe 3-Die Set 7mm rem mag

    i have a set of unopened Redding Premium Series Deluxe 3-Die Set in 7mm Remington mag they are selling for 134.99 at midwayusa Asking $75 need gone PAYPAL only
  4. HeathGT

    Berger bullets, Nosler brass, Nosler bullets, RCBS dies

    I am selling some stuff I've had laying around for the last year or so and I'd like to clear some room on my bench. New RCBS 300 WBY Mag die set (RCBS#15201). $25 shipped Contact me at 334-398-0938. Thanks!
  5. R

    270 WSM Brass, Dies

    270 WSM Brass, Dies 46 pcs of New unfired 270 WSM Winchester brass, 45 with WLRM Primers, 21 pcs once fired 10 Nickel plated 67 Total $45 TYD I will deprime to be able to ship. Very lightly used (approx 100 rounds) RCBS 270 WSM dies with Redding Shellholder #6 $37 TYD lower 48...
  6. C

    Annealing made perfect

    WTB annealing made perfect machine.
  7. C

    RCBS 22-250

    Used RCBS 22-250 2 die set. $25 shipped.
  8. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED Redding 7mm Rem Mag

    7mm Rem Mag redding FL bushing sizing die. $60 shipped.
  9. C

    Forester 22-250

    I have a used Forester 22-250 micrometer seater die. It's loaded around 250 loads so its in good shape. $65.
  10. A

    RCBS 375H&H Dies w/ Lee Crimp Die

    Standard RCBS set with Lee Crimp Die included. Used, but still in great shape. $30 TYD for everything.
  11. B

    sold my 260 have dies and brass

    I have a the following for sale 1)full length Redding 260 Rem die $40 shipped 2) 3 -die competition neck sizer set from Redding $225 shipped 3) 243 Lapua brass unfired 81 pieces $80 shipped 4) 99-260 Rem brass Fired 2x $30 shipped USPS money order of PayPal is best thanks
  12. E

    17mach IV Brass and dies

    want to buy 17 mach 4 brass and dies.
  13. B

    7wsm brass, die set and barrel.

    I have 10 brand new bags of 7wsm winchester brass for sale and 60 new brass that i pulled bullets from a factory load and 52 once fired brass. $35 per bag of new brass plus shipping costs. would like to sell in bigger quantity so don't have to make several shipping boxes. If someone buys all the...
  14. tr175

    SOLD/EXPIRED 6mm Ackley Dies, Brass & More

    Like new set of Redding 6mm Ackley Improved dies, 17 once fire formed pieces of Remington brass, 30 pieces of new 6mm Rem brass, 38 fire formed rounds loaded with 80gr TTSX barnes bullets and a Hornady modified case for measuring COAL in your chamber. $160 Shipped.