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    For Sale Desert Tech SRS A1 300 Norma

    Desert Tech SRS A1 Gen 2 in 300 Norma Mag. Has 23in, heavily twist fluted barrel from SAC with 1:8 twist. Round count is 137. Gun is in like new condition. I only hunt, so no strings of fire beyond 3 shots. As you can see from the round count, not much shooting at all. Comes with dies...
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    SWS Integral Suppressed 300 Win Mag Barrel for Desert Tech SRS

    I have a Suppressed Weapon Systems MISB integrally Suppressed 300 Win Mag barrel for the Desert Tech SRS platform. The barrel is 32" long, with a 24" barrel and 8" suppressor section. It was fitted and chambered by Short Action Customs from a Bartlein blank. The barrel has been cryotreated...
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    Desert Tech SRS A-1 300 Norma Mag

    SRS A1 300 Norma I have a gently used SRS A1 Gen 2 blk-blk with a 23in barrel from SAC. Round count is 137 and it is in like-new condition. I hunt only so never more than 3 shots at a time. Not interested in breaking this package up as this is a ready-to-hunt package with dies & brass...
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    Left Hand Desert Tech SRS A1 (Gen 2) 308 with Athlon Cronus 4.5-29 MOA

    Items included: Left hand Desert Tech SRS A1 (gen 2) chassis with 22 inch 308 conversion kit (barrel, magazine, bolt) Desert Tech 20moa 34mm scope mount Athlon Cronus 4.5-29 MOA reticle with Vortex Defender caps Desert Tech SRS soft case in FDE Delta P 3/4-24 TO 5/8-24 ADAPTER (flash suppressor...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Desert Tech SRS-A1 260 Remington Barrel

    Round count is approximately 500. 8.5 Twist 26" Thread protector. $900