1. trout004

    For Sale Seekins Picatinny & Hawkins Hybrid Rings, 30mm

    For Sale: Both lightly used at the range only with no discernable signs of use that I can see except for a little blue Loctite residue can be seen on the screw threads: *Hawkins Hybrid 30mm Rings. Long Action, High .60" for Defiance. Includes Box. These have the 25 MOA Base with Built-in...
  2. 2

    6.5 Sherman SST Defiance-Bartlien

    6.5 Sherman SST , Defiance Deviant Tactical short action magnum bolt face (no scope , mounts or brake included) gun still in use if needed - hate to sell but the range i shoot at wont allow magnum head stamp- 20inch Bartlein 4b contour barrel threaded 5/8-24 8-twist Trigger -Tech Diamond...
  3. trout004

    Defiance anTi / Tenacity 20 MOA Black Aluminum Scope Rail / Rem 700 Long Action Length

    I pulled this from a new Defiance anTi and it was never used. Comes with the 8/40 screws and pins. Here is a link from Defiance if you need more info: Price reduced $70 shipped to your door...
  4. trout004

    Hawkins Precision Hyrbid Rings for Defiance - LA 30mm 0.60" height

    Selling a like new-set of rings. These were mounted briefly, but I decided to switch to a 34mm scope, so I won't be needing them anymore. I had a Vortex Razor LHT 4.5-22x50 mounted on my Defiance Anti LA. The height was perfect for me with about 1/4" between the bell and the proof sendero...
  5. Hunter Hicks


    I have a nearly new defiance anti xm chambered by ts customs in 6.5 prc 22” benchmark spiral flutes in Travis’ light magnum contour ( a little heavier then a magnum sporter, little lighter then Light palma) 70 documented rounds (70 1x fired Lapua brass included) Defiance bottom metal, mag box...
  6. redchinviking

    Black Friday 300 RUM GAP

    For sale is a custom 300 RUM built by GA precision that includes the following: Defiance Deviant Hunter nitrated/fluted Proof research 26" carbon 10:1 twist Manners T5 Elite carbon, Badger Ordnance BDL cerakote Wyatt's extended Mag box Jewel trigger Terminator T3 5 port side brake Comes in...
  7. Buska

    SOLD/EXPIRED Defiance AnTi X

    Anybody want it? Got a NIB Defiance AnTi X long action .308 BF, nitrided with a Timney HIT trigger on it. $1500 and open to trades for similar short actions mag bolt face or 308 win carbon barrel prefit or blank
  8. 360Precision

    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom Manners Defiance Hunter Proof Research Carbon Fiber .308

    360 Precision custom shop produced this Manners Defiance Hunter .308: Manners MCS-EH1A, Defiance Deviant Action Inlet, Hawkins BDL Trigger Inlet, Elite Tac Arctic Defiance Hunter Medium Action Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel, 16.5" .308 8 Twist, 5 Groove, Sendero TriggerTech Rem 700 Special...
  9. redchinviking

    Defiance Deviant 300 RUM Gap Manners Proof Jewel $3500!

    For sale is a lightly used 300 RUM built by GA precision that includes the following: Defiance Deviant Hunter with Fluted Bolt Both action and bolt are Nitrided (butter!-), Proof research 26" carbon fiber barrel 10:1 twist Manners T5 Elite carbon stock in Swamp camo, 2 left flush cups, 1 bottom...
  10. S

    SOLD/EXPIRED 16.5” custom 6.5 saum package

    Built by Deep South Tactical in Mississippi. This is the 2nd rifle they've built me and it's a dream to shoot. Very little recoil and it's accurate. I haven't even finished load development and it'll shoot 1" groups with a fluctuation of 8gr of powder, different bullets, different seating depths...
  11. Rent Outdoor Gear

    Medium Length (3.2") Actions - Titanium & steel options + barrels

    Actions & Barrels for Sale - NEW IN BOX all prices shipped to your door or FFL when required. Defiance Deviant Tactical XM - 20 MOA rail, raw unfinished, RH, Mag bolt face for DBM - $1,450 Defiance Deviant Elite - 20 MOA rail DLC coated, RH, Std Remington Short Action length, .308 bolt face...
  12. Rent Outdoor Gear

    Actions - Defiance & Lone Peak Ti

    Actions & Barrels for Sale - NEW IN BOX all prices shipped to your door or FFL when required. Defiance Deviant Tactical XM - 20 MOA rail, raw unfinished, RH, Mag bolt face. for DBM - $1,450 Defiance Deviant Elite - 20 MOA rail DLC coated, RH, Std Short Action .308 bolt face. $1,500 Lone Peak...
  13. S

    SA standard bolt Defiance Deviant BA

    Looking to sell this BA because I can’t get a magnum bolt for it for 37 weeks according to Defiance. I bought it just like it sits and have not fired it so I can’t attest to how it shoots. I bought it locally from a guy that does PRS. He says he shot factory ammo only he didn’t reload. He said...
  14. S

    16.5” 6.5 prc? build

    Hey guys I just acquired a new to me defiance deviant tactical action with an mpa 6.5cm barrel attached to it. I was planning on getting a magnum bolt for the deviant so I could have a 16.5” 6.5prc barrel spun up for it. My few questions are with the prc being a “6.5cm magnum” am I going to get...
  15. BigBuck74

    Bansner "Ultimate Ovis" Sheep Rifle Unfired SCI gun of the year!!

    I have decided to sell my Bansner Ultimate Ovis Sheep rifle SCI gun of the year. For those of you not in the know about Mark Bansner, he builds the most beautiful sheep rifles you can own. Every detail about this rifle speaks class with nothing spared. This rifle was purchased at the SCI show...
  16. jeremy_f24

    First custom rifle build (flood me with your suggestions or advice)

    First off I am an avid hunter, absolutely new and green to the reloading process and long range shooting. I have a cousin that is a genius at this and have talked much with him on suggestions / feedback which has led me to start shying away from standard rifles and delve into custom. my...
  17. J

    7mm Sherman Short

    Great build and extremely accurate. Has 75 rounds down a 21” fluted brux barrel. Gun ware did the smith work. Awesome mountain gun that weighs 8.6 pounds scoped. Only getting rid of the gun because of necessity. Shoots the 166 a tip and the 168 berger phenomenal. Look up the 7MM Sherman...
  18. bbckfh

    SOLD/EXPIRED TriggerTech Primary, RH

    Trigger for Sale: I’m selling an extra trigger that I had for a build that’s evaporated thanks to our friend ‘rona. It’s brand new and unfired. Model: Trigger Tech Primary For make: Remington/clone Price: Asking $150, shipped. Would be $160+shipping from Brownells Payment: Paypal, Venmo, cash...
  19. R

    300 Norma Improved Defiance McMillan

    300 Norma Improved ( Tom Sarver reamer) Rifle has roughly 460 rounds down the barrel shooting Berger 210s. Rifle is as accurate as they come. Shoots consistent 2-3" groups at 1k. Very forgiving when loading. I have 2 proven loads with Norma brass and Retumbo. Gun weighs #9 lbs without optics...
  20. E

    Gun Parts For Sale

    Defiance Deviant Action Long Heavy Tang 3 Position Safety Jewel Trigger For Sale to FFL McMillan Stock A3-5 Adj. Set-up for the above action Inleaded for M24 2” PIC rail 4 end Action & Stock, new, never mounted. $2,300.00