cutting edge bullets

  1. FireFlyFishing

    Boutique Mono Bullets

    All, I have a few rifles that need load development. That being said, I’d really like to try some of the pricey boutique mono bullets offered nowadays. I’ve heard enough fan fare to convince me I should try some out. The first rifle I will work on will be a 7 REM Mag with a 1-9” twist...
  2. RavenRocksPrecision

    Cutting Edge Bullets now available - 10% off introductory sale

    We are now stocking CEB: Use coupon code CuttingEdge10 at checkout to take 10% off the lowest price (MAP) as part of our Black Friday sale. We currently have: -Safari Solids in several calibers and bullet bullet weights -LAZERS in popular ELR calibers and bullet weights -Safari Raptors in...
  3. JumpinLegs

    CEB Maximus and StaBALL 6.5 for .270 Win

    I just got some 125 gr CEB Maximus's for my .270 Win. The only powder I have right now is StaBALL 6.5. I already reached out to CEB about load data and they don't have load data using StaBALL 6.5. I don't want to buy a new powder just yet. Does anyone have any suggestions for a starting point...
  4. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm , 44cal bullets

    7mm 165gr Sierra game changers new sealed box price=$38 7mm 132gr cutting edge Maximus 30 bullets in box price=$30 44cal hornady 265gr ftx 50 bullets in box was opened to look at bullets price=$20
  5. kmarsh1966

    Coyote Hunting Bullet question

    I purchased some 6mm 88 MTH Cutting Edge bullets. Pretty sure I can get them to 3350+ out of my 6 creedmoor. I know I can get 3400 out of 87 VMax. I would like to not have 2 different bullets for Yotes & Pigs. Curious if anyone has shot the MTH at coyotes and has performance thoughts...
  6. 9

    cutting edge bullets caliber choice

    Anybody use a 300 win mag with the 220/230gr cutting edge bullets. Should i look at using something with a little more capacity like the 300 wby or the 300 rum. Has the shorter neck length on the win mag caused any problems when reloading these long bullets. I origanally wanted the rum but it...