custom stock

  1. BoatTail

    McMillan Remington Hunter Edge Stock For Sale

    New, in the box McMillan Remington Hunter black rifle stock with palm swell and Enhanced Edge fill for heavy magnum. Machined-In Pillars, RH, Long action Rem 700 BDL, full inlet for Remington 700 Long Action and Proof Research Sendero barrel channel, 1.200" dia, w/ 2" cyl, HUNT-FULL INLET, 1"...
  2. D

    Useful accessories when building a stock

    How do you feel a long range hunting rifle stock should be set up? Currently looking at 2 flush cups on the left side (right shooter) and one sling stud up front for a bipod. Anything else useful? Adjustable pull recoil pad worth the money? Pillars installed from the stock maker vs using...