1. Bghunter338

    SOLD/EXPIRED Barnes lrx 338cal 250gr

    I have an opened box but all are there. $55 shipped to your door. Venmo preferred, or MO.
  2. SkunkedAgain

    Copycat Barnes Vor-TX 300 WM 150 TTSX

    Howdy All, Working on making a copycat load for my father-in-law. He shoots Barnes VOR-TX, 150 gr TTSX out of his 300 WM. He hadn't found any in a while so I thought Id try my hand at making something similar, if not the same. Muzzle velocity is 3285 fps from the factory rounds. Hopefully...
  3. Petey308

    Copper shortages and price increases

    I’ll be watching this closely to see how it affects the bullet market, as well as hunting/shooting in general:
  4. R

    Nosler E-Tip & Barnes TTSX 7mm 140 gr

    2 boxes (50 ct) Nosler Expansion Tip 140gr 7mm - $50 each, includes shipping 3 boxes (50 ct) Barnes TTSX 140gr 7mm (1 bullet was used to measure lands and is a little scratched up) - $45 each, includes shipping
  5. Petey308

    Selecting a Hunting Bullet

    Selecting a Hunting Bullet When it comes to selecting a hunting bullet, and contrary to popular belief, bullet weight and/or retained energy isn't the all-deciding factor on penetration and overall terminal performance. Actually, it all depends greatly on how the bullet is constructed, the...
  6. Petey308

    My thoughts on solid copper bullets and in comparison to other bullet types.

    To continue the theme of bullet construction/composition from my post yesterday, I wanted to make a separate post regarding homogenous (solid/monolithic/etc) bullets. I was also asked to share this multiple times. These types of bullets were originally made to fill a simple role and purpose...
  7. T

    Hammer vs cutting edge monolithics

    Any and all thoughts omen these two. Accuracy, terminal performance, pics, jump they like, etc Most of all I am curious if one is preferred Thanks