1. P

    Tikka rifle

    Looking to buy a few tikka rifles. Ive got an OTC deer hunt planned this fall where I am taking a bunch of young hunters on a backcountry hunt in Idaho (between myself and the several other dads Im taking, there will be 13 kids, 5 of whom will be 1st time hunters). Id like to have a few rifles...
  2. Holycity73

    Winchester M70 compact .243 and 7-08

    Very light and accurate. 7-08 is near perfect. Never hunted. Sub moa with Federal fusion. $750 shipped Trigger jobs done. Rings and bases included. If you’re interested in the mounted scope, we can work out a deal. 7-08 Minox ZA5 2-10x50 30mm tube No sling or ammo sleeve. Winchester Box...