1. R

    SOLD/EXPIRED Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph Premium Kit

    Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph Premium Kit with Tripod for sale. Using Labradar now and do not need this one. Fully functional, not damage or ever had issues with it. Asking $150 shipped.
  2. michael.mule66

    Hatch Outwest 7-27 and Magneto V3 with soft case

    Like new Hatch Outwest 7-27 bipod. Mounts to pic rail. 19 oz. Fully articulating and very stable in a seated position for being very lightweight. Amazing bipod, but I’ve gone the tripod route for coyotes. Unopened NIB magneto V3 with the hard to find softcase. I ended up getting a Labradar...
  3. michael.mule66

    Hatch Outwest 7-27 and NIB Magneto v3 w/soft case

    Used like new Hatch Outwest 7-27 bipod. Still in the box it was mailed to me Magneto V3 w/soft case. I ended up buying a used one. I’d like 375 for either TYD. Thanks for the look!
  4. BornLifted

    Magnetospeed v3 BRAND NEW

    Good evening, Looking to sell a brand new, plastic taken off to look at, magnetospeed v3. Just received, but have some house issues that I need to liquidate some things, unfortunately this is one. I took the plastic off, it has still not been turned on or attached to any rifle. Looking for $400...
  5. Outcast2.0

    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB Competition Electronics ProChrono DLX Bluetooth Chronograph

    Hi all, as the title suggests, I am looking for a gently used Competition Electronics ProChrono DLX Bluetooth Chronograph. i have been shopping around and cannot find these in stock, so i am hoping somebody has one laying around that they are willing to part with. PM me or reply in this...
  6. Alex Genereux

    SOLD/EXPIRED Caldwell Chronograph

    Pm me
  7. R

    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS: MagnetoSpeed Sporter Ballistics Chronograph Kit

    Selling MagnetoSpeed Sporter Ballistics Chronograph Kit as I just have bought LabRadar. MagnetoSpeed is in like new condition/fully functional condition and has had little usage. Pls. see pictures for more details. Price: $150.00 I will ship at actual costs. Located in Columbus, OH
  8. Runnin N Gunnin

    SOLD/EXPIRED Looking to buy a Labradar

    Anyone looking to get rid of a labradar?
  9. G

    Magneto V3

    Asking $300 OBO haven't used in a few years as I have a good LabRadar. When I used it the brake frayed the strap still works fine costs a couple bucks to get a new one from magnetospeed.
  10. Steve Baker

    Magnetospeed Sporter $120 TYD

    Magnetospeed Sporter up for sale. Comes with an extra set of spacers. I've only used this a couple of times, it's in excellent condition and it works perfect. I'm on a trip until Saturday night and will ship out Monday morning if someone wants it. $120 shipped you cover PP fees. Shipping...
  11. cynjon

    SOLD/EXPIRED Magnetospeed V3 and Wiser Precision Mount

    For Sale: Magnetospeed V3 and Wiser Precision chrono mount. Both are in excellent condition. I also will include a Magnetospeed XFR cable to be able to use your phone to download chrono data and change settings. Firmware has been updated. Wiser mount works great and is the newer version...
  12. Glenn Tullius

    Chronograph distance?

    Gents, I am not exactly sure what the "standard distance" is to shoot my rifle through my chronograph? How far away? 6 feet, 8, 10? All my hunting reloads with the exact same bullet, powder, powder weight, primer, brass, and barrel length, run 50 to almost 100 fps slower than the book listed!
  13. sheepdawg

    chronograph recommendations

    I want to upgrade my current $100 chronograph to something I have more confidence in its accuracy. Not looking to speed a fortune on it but I would be willing to spend up to $400. I don't need a lot of bells and whistles just accuracy. What are your experiences and recommendations. Thank you...
  14. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED Caldwell Chronograph

    For sale a used but in good condition caldwell ballistics precision chronograph. Midway sells for $84.99. Shipped for $55.
  15. bbckfh

    Chrono in the Detroit area? (to borrow)

    Thanks for looking... If anyone in the SE Mich area would have a chrono that they’d be willing to let me borrow (or meet you), so that I can collect some ballistic data on a couple of rebarreled rifles, that’d be appreciated. No urgency, since I’m often too busy to get to the range as...
  16. freebird63

    F/S CED Chrono

    Only used 1 time. This is the 2nd one I have owned, they are great units. Reason I'm selling is moving up to a Labradar. $150.00 + shipping txt Chuck at 208-five five nine-3595
  17. 65WSM

    Two-Box Chrono measures bullet speed Chronograph

    $165 Delivered priority mail. Works every shot. I have shot .17 Fireball to 35 Whelan over it and never missed a reading. Battery recharges and life is at least 4 hours. Not the chronograph for a crowded range. You have to set up out front (although the alignment is not critical just the...